Global Ayurveda Brand

Campaign Performance & Brand Visibility Improvement for a 18 year old Online Ayurveda brand.


One of the earliest Indian eCommerce brands, they started operations across the Globe 18 years back. Over the years, their campaign performances & brand visibility started stagnating and they started losing share to new eCommerce brands.

Our Mandate

Can we revive the brand’s growth story across the globe? With focus on Search Marketing, we were tasked to regaining market share and setting the brand on a long term growth trajectory.

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Increase in Search Visibility

Google Search & Shopping Ads

We started with redefining their campaign structure to enable more scale and easier optimisation. At the same time, we optimised their Shopping feed to significantly improve Shopping ads RoAS. An unoptimised feed can end up wasting a lot of money and optimising it is critical to success on Shopping campaigns.

We leveraged automated scripts to manage bid changes and negative targeting at scale. Overall we saw a growth of 60% on RoAS and 45% increase in paid search impressions for the same cost, within the first 4 months.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO plans focussed on completely overhauling the brand’s existing content. The old content was plagued with keyword stuffing and fairly non-engaging writing. The bounce rates and page dwell time were really poor. We redefined their tone of voice and content plan to improve blog engagement significantly.


Another major strategic step for us was to feed Google with positive E-A-T signals. With the latest changes for medical and pharma searches, Google started focussing a lot on extremely authoritative content pieces that also had proven expertise. Author profiles, a more interconnected content map and engaging tone of voice helped dramatically increase SEO traffic. We saw 80% increase in organic traffic in 9 months and almost 4X better engagement metrics.

About the Client

A Global Ayurveda brand started in the early years of the internet, this brand has loyal customers across 170+ countries. They have successfully created market leading products for curing high BP, PCoS and 10 other lifestyle disorders.


Serving Globally


Ayurveda – Indian Healthcare Science

Key Growth Levers

Google Search Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Content Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

Google Analytics

With a clear understanding of the needs of the latest Google algorithms, we were able to revamp the overall Search marketing plan of the brand. Overall we saw 65% growth in revenue via Search Traffic while costs remained the same.