Case Study

Universal Books

Universal Books, an eminent publisher, has been the torchbearer of quality education through its flagship range, Errorless Books. Despite a flourishing offline distribution network, the online marketplace was an untapped territory. Intent Farm was entrusted with the mission of propelling Universal Books onto the online marketplaces of Amazon and Flipkart, to broaden its customer base and escalate sales.


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Case Study

Universal Books

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Key Challenges

With no online presence efforts put in on marketplaces, a lot of the distributors had been selling on Marketplaces and claiming the volume that was ideally to go to the brand.

The mandate was clear yet ambitious – transition Universal Books from a predominantly offline distribution model to establishing a solid online marketplace presence, ensuring a seamless integration of the brand into the digital retail space.

6 Months In, Here Are Our Results


Monthly Sales


TACOS Delivered


Conversion Rate


Quick & Accurate

What started with focus on building solid foundations, quickly transitioned into rapid scaling and gaining the market share that was rightfully ours.

Brand Setup

Our journey commenced with meticulous keyword research that served as the bedrock for crafting detailed listings of the entire catalogue on both Amazon and Flipkart. To assert brand authority, we secured control over the brand name on Amazon, laying down a strong foundation for what was to come.

Micro-targeting Ad Structure

With the basics solidified, we pivoted towards advertising with a micro-targeted ad structure. Our strategy was dual-pronged, aiming for a robust Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) alongside augmenting organic rank gains, on high conversion keywords.

Persistent Optimization

Our team meticulously optimized campaigns focusing on both keyword and ASIN targeting. A vigilant eye was kept on organic ranks for focus keywords, continually refining strategies to bolster organic sales, thereby reducing the Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACOS).


From 0 -> Dominance​

The trajectory of Universal Books’ online sales is a testament to the efficacy of a well-strategized and relentlessly optimized marketplace management approach.

Sales Boost

From a standing start, we catapulted to over 20L of monthly sales within a mere span of 6 months. The trajectory is set to soar to 40L+ in the subsequent 4 months.

TACOS Control

Our balanced approach towards rank gains and Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) bore fruit. By the 6th month, TACOS plummeted to below 12%, and is on course to reach 10% in the ensuing months.

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