Case Study

Nuwama Wealth (Edelweiss)

Nuwama Wealth, formerly known as Edelweiss Broking, is a distinguished entity under the extensive financial umbrella of Edelweiss Group. Post-acquisition, the rebranded Nuwama Wealth embarked on a journey to bolster its social presence and lead generation, aligning with its robust legacy in the financial sector.


Brand Visibility – India



Key Growth Levers

Social Ads

Content Marketing

Edelweiss App

Key Challenges

Elevate social media presence across platforms to improve brand visibility and to maximize engagement.

Enhance top of mind brand recall via compelling content and strategic media buying, so that overall lead generation improves.

8 Months In, Here Are Our Results


Visibility Growth


Platforms Activated


Cost per Result Reduction


Audience Centricity

Our collaboration commenced with a rigorous phase of testing diverse copy and creative concepts. This endeavor was to discover the unique blend of content that resonates the most across different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Content Crafting

Extensive A/B testing was employed to sift through multiple creative and copy ideas, honing in on those that spurred engagement.

Platform Optimization

Post analysis, we identified platform-specific winners. The content was tailored not just to the platform, but also to specific placements within them, achieving a higher degree of resonance with the audiences.

Audience Targeting

With a clearer understanding of what works where, the promotion phase kicked in. Content was pushed to tightly defined audiences, augmenting visibility and lead generation.


High Scale, High Impact Launch

The eight-month voyage with Nuwama Wealth witnessed a remarkable upswing in engagement and lead generation metrics. The success can be attributed to our systematic approach towards identifying winning content and scaling them wisely.

Account Scale-up

A significant 3.5X account scale-up was achieved, amplifying the client’s digital footprint.

Cost Impact

The Cost per Results saw a  reduction by 52%, courtesy of our relentless pursuit of testing and optimizing creatives and copies.

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