FMEG Distributor Brand Visibility

A 46 year old FMEG (Wires & Cables) products distributor brand wanted to rank high on Google for important keywords related to their brands.


India’s #1 Distributor of one of the top Indian Wires & Cables brands had been primarily working via offline channels for 46 years. They now wanted to leverage digital channels to further strengthen their business.

Our Mandate

They had recently created a new website and we were tasked with beating the strongest competitors on Google Search. Can we help them via top rankings for 20+ important search keywords on Google & Bing.

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Search Engine Optimsiation

Google Search used to put any new website in the sandbox period which prevented the website from ranking on Google Search in the initial weeks. As this brand deals in FMEG category, it has very well known competitors ranking on the SERP with good domain authorities. These being the challenges, our focus was on ensuring we come out of the sandbox period quickly.


We started with a thorough competitor audit and found that while all of them had high number of backlinks, the quality was very poor. Also – the content depth on all of them was missing across pages.


To solve these – we partnered with multiple high quality websites for creating powerful backlinks to the website. We created 100+ high authority and highly relevant backlinks within 6 months. We also improved the depth of content across the website via detailed FAQ and technical write-ups on products.


Additionally, we also worked intensively on structured data on the website as that is usually a quick way to gain rankings in such cases.


With the domain authority growing, our rankings started to improve. At the same time, with structured data & website content getting recognised by Google, the journey to #1 rankings was expedited as the Knowledge Graph algorithm got all the relevant information about the brand from multiple data points.

About the Client

A 46 year old distributor of wires and cables with more than 8 branches in India and also Middle East. They have a clientele list of major  corporates from sectors like Steel, Power, Petrochemicals, Defence, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, FMCG, Textile, Cement, Chemical and so on.


India & Middle East


Wires & Cables/FMEG

Key Growth Levers

Search Engine Optimization
Google Analytics

With a sharp and fast approach, we were able to rank 20+ focus keywords on position 1-3 of Google Search, within 5 months.