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NY Bae is inspired by every young New Yorker’s fun-loving look. With a wide variety of high-performance and long-lasting makeup that comes in various shades and ranges, NY Bae will always have you ready. From brunches to night-outs, NY Bae will make sure you’re always glammed up from tip to toe with a plethora of makeup products. No wonder, it has praises and positive reviews raining in from all its admirers. Starting at just Rs.49, you won’t be able to help but swoon over It.


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Here's How We Did It!

Key Challenges

Lack of historical advertising data to drive initial strategies. Finding the brand’s Right To Win amidst stiff competition in various sub-categories. Balancing rapid scale with an efficient Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACOS).


Conducted an exhaustive competitor research to delineate NyBae’s Right To Win in each sub-category, providing a clear roadmap to prioritize efforts.
Optimized the ad account structure to ensure agile scaling without compromising on targets with low ROAS. This restructuring was pivotal for an organized, rapid, and sustainable scale.
In the absence of substantial previous advertising data, we undertook a proactive approach to test bids and targeting options. This enabled us to swiftly build a scalable template for ads, ensuring TACOS remained within acceptable bounds.


The journey with NyBae underscored our ability to drive rapid, yet sustainable growth even in scenarios with limited historical data. Through meticulous competitor analysis, account restructuring, and data-driven bid management, we not only scaled NyBae’s daily orders but also enhanced the efficiency of advertising spend.

Revenue Impact

Scaled from 100 to 250+ daily orders on Amazon within a span of 2 months.

TACoS Impact

Improved TACOS by 10%, thanks to a sharper campaign structure and efficient bid management.

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