Case Study

Dream Aawas

Dream Aawas, a commendable initiative by the Karamchand Group, embarked on a mission to offer 300+ affordable yet quality residential flats. With a solid backing of construction excellence and unmatched amenities at competitive prices, Dream Aawas aimed to transform the affordable housing segment. Despite its profound vision, the project initially lacked a digital footprint, a crucial element in today’s research-based real estate marketplace.

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Residential Real Estate

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Case Study

Dream Aawas

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Key Challenges

No digital presence to begin with, making online lead generation a blank slate. Lack of a clear, compelling messaging to highlight the unique selling propositions (USPs) and the legacy of the Karamchand Group.

The brand’s vision to build a vibrant community by engaging potential buyers, especially end-users, as opposed to investors, across diverse demographic and geographic segments.

3 Years In, Here Are Our Results


Leads Generated


Units Booked VIA ADS LEADS


Marketing SPENDS <1% of GMV


Full Digital Setup

We started with setting up the Website, followed by social presence and then moved to Lead Generation. Lead Generation efforts were mapped to a CRM to make the entire end to end journey Digital led.

Website Development and Optimization

Crafted a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) focused website to serve as the digital facade of Dream Aawas. Integrated creative strategies to refine and amplify the project’s messaging, portraying the brand’s legacy and the exceptional value proposition offered to potential homebuyers.

Audience Analysis and Targeting

Conducted exhaustive audience testing within the city and nearby regions, spanning various age and income groups. Fine-tuned targeting strategies to resonate with Dream Aawas’ goal of reaching end-users, ensuring each marketing message struck the right chord.

Performance Marketing

Executed robust lead generation campaigns on Meta and Google, capitalizing on the project’s USPs. Continual iterations in messaging, targeting, and festive offers based on real-time feedback from the sales team, ensuring a consistent influx of quality leads.


100% SOLD OUT!

Intent Farm’s decisive digital intervention brought Dream Aawas into the digital domain and played an instrumental role in achieving their vision of affordable housing. The campaign’s effective use of data-driven decisions and innovative strategies highlights the potential of digital marketing in driving project bookings and leaving a lasting impression in the market.

Lead Generation

Successfully generated over 8,700 digital leads, forming a solid foundation for Dream Aawas’ sales endeavors. Achieved a remarkable conversion, with 72% of the units booked from the digital lead pool.

Cost Effectiveness

Accomplished the marketing goals within the stipulated budget of 1% of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), thereby ensuring a cost-effective customer acquisition journey.

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