Case Study

Aakar Constructions

Aakar Constructions, with a reputable standing in real estate, ventured into an ambitious project, Aakar Heights, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. Aakar Heights, envisioned as a smart housing marvel with 150+ mid-range residential units.

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Case Study

Aakar Constructions

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Key Challenges

The prospective buyers were not entirely grasping the value proposition, particularly the premium attached to the smart housing features like Home Automation, Video Door Phone, Digital Lock System, and Sensor Security System.

With the project mid-journey and a three-year timeline from design to delivery, digital lead generation was crucial to ensuring the booking of these flats. Enters Intent Farm, handed the mantle to overhaul the Digital Awareness & Lead Generation strategy with a benchmark and vital learnings from previous efforts at hand.

7 Months In, Here Are Our Results


Leads Generated


Leads to Site Visit Improvement


CPL Reduction


Leverage Past Data

Building upon the foundation of past learnings, the first order of business was to revamp the creative assets. The old leads had spoken – the benefits and the rationale behind the premium pricing weren’t clear. We embarked on a meticulous testing regime to refine the creatives and copies, ultimately nailing down a communication strategy that resonated with the target audience.

Creative Revamping

Multiple iterations were made to hone a message that elucidated the benefits of Aakar Heights’ smart features.

Campaign Restructuring

With a newfound clarity in communication, a comprehensive restructuring of the digital campaigns was carried out to enhance targeting across various channels.

Quality over Quantity

As the lead quality ameliorated, the focus shifted to scaling the campaigns, ensuring a higher lead to site visit ratio.


75 Units Booked

The meticulous revamp of creatives, coupled with strategic campaign restructuring, paved the way for understanding and attracting the right audience. The significant upturn in lead quality and a marked reduction in acquisition cost underlined the essence of aligning digital strategies with consumer insights.


A notable reduction of 18% in CAC was achieved, making the digital efforts more cost-effective. The lead to site visit ratio soared by 46%, indicating a higher quality of leads.

Booking Milestone

A resounding success was marked with the booking of 75 units in Tower A, a testimony to the potent digital strategies deployed.

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