Case Study


Qyrus, a tech firm specializing in codeless test automation solutions, aimed to expand its market footprint in the US, Canada & EU markets. With a robust platform capable of web, mobile, and AI test automation, Qyrus sought to build a strong user base and gain market traction post-launch.
The primary objectives were to generate qualified leads, build targeted visibility through Google Search and Display Ads, and establish Qyrus as a reliable solution provider in the test automation space.

Market Entry – NA & EU


Tech SaaS

Key Growth Levers

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Key Challenges

Intense competition in the test automation market. The space had been hot since almost 5-6 years now with multiple players doing very well like BrowserStack, Smartbear and more.

Building trust and visibility for a new player in mature markets. Given the key targets were Enterprise accounts – it’s not a straight forward case of lead generation but had to be thought of from a full funnel journey lens.

8 Months In, Here Are Our Results


Key Account Signups


Free Trials Initiated


Cost per SignUp Reduction From Start


Full Funnel Engagement

Enterprise marketing never is a one touch point game and as obvious as that is, implementation is not as obvious to most. We specialise in full funnel marketing and hence are able to deliver results from awareness to engagement to consideration to eventually conversion. And that’s what we did for Qyrus.

Strategic Approach

Display Ads: Utilized display ads to build brand visibility and re-engage with potential users across the web. Google Search Ads: Crafted highly targeted ads focused on Qyrus’ unique value proposition to attract potential users.

Testing, Testing, Testing

We tested multiple funnels and also multiple copy/ creative hooks to ensure we crack the correct template before we start scaling up spends. Owing to this we saw consistent impact on Cost per Result.


Weekly Monitoring and Optimization: Regular monitoring of ad performance to make data-driven optimizations. Lead Form Extensions: Utilized lead form extensions to capture leads directly within the ad, enhancing the user experience and increasing conversion rates.


High Scale, High Impact Launch

The campaign smashed all expectations from our and Qyrus’ teams. We weren’t expected such adoption given the nature of target accounts and the incumbents in the space. But together the two teams were sharp in thought and execution and could surpass all benchmarks.

Business Impact

We were able to sign up 450+ Key Accounts in a short duration. Besides we also saw 14000+ free trial signups which are being nurtured for long term retention.

Cost Impact

Give the scale of the campaign, the data available was a lot for us to quickly and continuously optimise and hence deliver lower Costs per results week after week.

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