New Silver Jewellery Brand

eCommerce revenue growth for a new silver jewellery brand via Social Media Advertising


A fresh new brand in the crowded Jewellery space, launched their 1st campaigns with us. With beautiful ornate designs and a well thought out customer experience, the brand started testing waters initially.

Our Mandate

Can we start generating revenue for a new brand while positioning the brand clearly to the target audience?

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Social Media Advertising

The silver jewellery niche was heating up in eCommerce a couple of years back which is when this brand also launched. With the trend picking up, it was a boon for our advertising effort but simultaneously the issue also was with numerous other brands that had launched.


It was important for us to position the brand well via design creatives so that consumers would prefer our brand over other new launches. We used real pictures with luxury influencers to get this sorted and that helped us a lot in highlighting the lifestyle aspect of the brand’s products.


Our main goal was to reach as many people as possible and convert them into customers. We tested multiple audiences fast to zero in on the perfect audiences that actually produce results and we started scaling those campaigns more. Over a period of 3 months, our pixel started showing promise and we started improving our ROAS continuously. With that we moved towards dynamic advertising and remarketing funnels to push ROAS higher.

About the Client

This eCommerce brand is all about luxury and handcrafted silver jewellery and launched via a Shopify website. Their desire was to establish its brand’s presence and start generating revenue.


Online – Indiawide


Lifestyle – Silver Jewellery

Key Growth Levers

Social Media Ads

Leveraging diverses audience tests and lifestyle images as creatives, we generated monthly 6 figure revenues within month 1 and kept improving that while improving ROAS also in subsequent months.