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Indulgeo Essentials, an Organic skincare brand with 80+ ASINs on Amazon and Flipkart. Despite a broad spectrum of offerings, the brand faced hurdles in optimising its marketplace performance. The journey began when they sought out Intent Farm’s expertise to amplify their Amazon and Flipkart operations. The goal from the brand was simple : profitable scale.


Marketplace Growth – AMZ & FK



Key Growth Levers

Amazon Ads

Marketplace Growth

Case Study


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Key Challenges

Suboptimal Listing Quality: The listings across both platforms were not fully optimized to capture the target audience’s attention, affecting the organic ranking and conversion rates of the products.

Inefficient Campaign Structure: With over 120 campaigns running on Amazon, the account structure was chaotic, leading to poor performance and high Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

8 Months In, Here Are Our Results


Sales Growth




Organic Sales Growth


Patience Pays

The collaboration between Intent Farm and Indulgeo Essentials isn’t just a testament to overcoming marketplace challenges but a narrative of how strategic, data-driven approaches can significantly uplift a brand’s marketplace performance.

Holistic Listing Optimization

Conducted a thorough analysis to pinpoint areas of improvement within the product listings. Implemented enhanced brand content, optimized title and bullet points, and utilized high-quality images to improve listing quality. Monitored and adjusted strategies to improve both conversion rates and organic rankings continually.

Strategic Campaign Restructure

Executed a meticulous audit of all 120+ campaigns to identify underperforming and overlapping keywords. Restructured the account by segmenting campaigns based on performance, thereby ensuring efficient bid management.

Systematic & Ongoing Optimisation

Our continuous and ongoing optimisation of campaigns allowed us to eliminate every possible leakage and reduce TACOS continuously to help achieve the brand's goal of profitability.


Cost Effective Lead Generation

Witnessed a 30% uptick in sales; while the Contribution of organic sales to overall sales surged by 40%, a testament to improved organic rankings and listing quality.

Cost Efficiency

We brought Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACoS) from 40% to a mere 8%. ACoS was reduced from 70% to 16%.

Sales & Rankings

Products ranking in the top 100 Best Sellers Rank (BSR) in their category more than doubled.

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