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Dryfruits & Snacks Brand

Since 1989, this has kept its legacy to make people fall in love with their most delicious, healthy and natural products. They are a manufacturer and marketer of Dryfruits & Snacks including iconic products like Tutti Frutti, Amla Candy, Foxnuts, Mamra Almonds & similar 100+ products.


Amazon Growth – Indiawide


Dryfruits & Snacks

12 Months In, Here Were Our Results

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Here's How We Did It!

Key Challenges

The category of Dryfruits and snacks is super competitive with wafer thin margins. Multiple brands on Amazon have very similar products and small differences in pricing, listings, reviews and ads make big ranking differences. 

Our mandate was to launch this legacy brand on eCommerce marketplaces and grow revenue across Amazon & Flipkart. Starting from scratch, how long would it take for us to get to 100+ daily orders?


We worked side by side with the business team to identify products to launch, pricing strategies, differentiators and then launched them with good listings and campaigns on Amazon to generate revenue, profitably.

We led the competitor research to identify white spaces (basis superiority in pricing, lack of branded competition or SKU sizing) in the category where we could grow rapidly and via that narrowed down on 15 products to focus on, instead of the entire catalogue.

We created and optimised all 100+ listings on Amazon and Flipkart. However, A Plus content & video investments were done on shortlisted 15 products only.

With white spaces well identified, we were able to hit RoAS targets quickly on most products. We kept optimising our keywords, bids and placements to improve RoAS while also scaling campaigns towards the goal of 100 daily orders.


Major Outcomes

We were not only able to meet the volume and ACoS targets, we also set up the brand for long term success via Amazon’s Choice badges on 9 products. These products are scaling much faster now. This allow us the leeway to spend more on the more competitive products to grow overall brand sales, in the coming months.

Amazon Impact

We got to 120+ daily orders on Amazon itself while keeping ACOS at 22% via focus on the selected 15 products.

Flipkart Impact

We got another 50+ daily orders from Flipkart with hardly any ad spends. Flipkart growth would be one of the next focus areas.
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