Snacks Brand on eCommerce

Scaling eCommerce Revenue for a established snacks brand.


With over 7 years of being in the market and growing in retail, this snacks brand now wanted to increase it’s eCommerce revenues via their own website. With non-differentiated products like Dry Fruits & Fox Nuts the challenge was about growing while still being profitable.

Our Mandate

Can we position increase online store revenues for the brand via Google Search Marketing while also increasing overall brand visibility and controlling cost?

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Increase in Search Revenue
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Reduction in Acquistion Cost
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Increase in Search Visibility

Google Search & Shopping Ads

We started with branded search campaigns first to capture the revenue that we were losing to Amazon & Flipkart. Next, we started low bid campaigns on generic product keywords to help increase the brand’s online visibility.


Given the thin margins, we were focussed on growing in a measured manner and taking more time in allowing the algorithm to figure the perfect customer. After 4 months, we started scaling with CPA caps and were able to double the revenues profitably.

Search Engine Optimisation

We were also working on growing organic search traffic for the brand to ensure create long term sustainability for the low margin business. We worked with the brand’s web team to entirely reconfigure the UX so as to allow better SEO rankings. We also focussed on content on product and category pages to start dominating the micro-niches.


We used food influencers for product reviews on their blogs to create natural high quality and high relevance backlinks. Within a period of 9 months we were able to create 7 figure  INR monthly revenue by organic search traffic itself.

About the Client

With a thriving offline retail business, the brand was already established and had really good customer feedback and loyalty. They are amongst the top 10 brands in India for Dry Fruits, Fox Nuts & Food Decor products.


Online – Indiawide


Snack Foods

Key Growth Levers

Google Search Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Search Engine Optimisation

Google Analytics

With a strategic and focused approach towards increasing leads, we delivered measurable growth by using Search Marketing effectively for 9 months. For the next 6 months, our goal is to grow by another 100%.