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Launching a brand new sustainable clothing line in the dynamic Indian market is no small feat. Peach approached Intent Farm as they prepared to unveil their range of sustainable yet trendy attire. Their mission? To seamlessly combine style, affordability, and environmental consciousness. The challenge? Starting from scratch and carving a niche in an already crowded space.


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Case Study


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Key Challenges

Being a completely newly launched brand, there wasn’t a lot of clarity on messages, audiences and the funnel as such. The social presence and the middle funnel trust elements weren’t present.

Being bootstrapped, the brand owners had a clear ROAS target that they wanted to hit really quickly. But good thing was they were ready to put in the required effort from their end as well to push faster.

3 Months In, Here Are Our Results


Monthly Sales


ROAS Delivered




Comprehensive Meta Launch Strategy

With a deep dive into Peach’s goals and offerings, we crafted a tailored Meta Ads strategy to drive traffic, engagement, and, through these, sales.

Clarifying Brand Positioning & Messaging

We delved deep into Peach's core values and offerings. By the end of our brainstorming sessions, we had a clear and concise brand message that resonated with Peach's ethos and target audience.

Testing & Targeting

In the initial phase, we tested multiple audience segments, quickly narrowing down to the most responsive target groups. This ensured our ad campaigns reached the most potential buyers, thereby maximising ROI.

Website Optimization for CRO

Understanding that a seamless user experience directly correlates with conversion rates, we enhanced the website’s UX to ensure potential customers transformed into actual buyers without a hitch.


On-Point Launch

Peach did a fantastic job at their end of its online presence by maintaining compelling social content and partnering with creators for authentic user-generated content, blending perfectly with the ad strategies we deployed.


Peach’s success story is a testament to Intent Farm’s unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results. We merge creativity with data-driven strategies, ensuring our partners not only launch but soar!

Sales Boost

Peach hit a monthly revenue of 4 Lacs in 3rd month itself, proving the effectiveness of our tailored campaigns.

ROAS Glory

Consistently achieved a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 4, a testament to the precision and effectiveness of our campaign strategies.

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