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We improve SQLs % (Sales Qualified Leads) while optimising costs to deliver growth to your business across countries, globally.

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Scaling Diverse B2B brands

Intent Farm has scaled up diverse B2B brands across both product and service sectors.
B2B Product Industries

SAAS products need a very tailored marketing strategy. We scale SAAS lead generation and subscription growth using targeted persona-specific digital ads and SEO strategy.

B2B Service Industries

B2B services are usually fairly competitive. We deliver quick wins using digital ads while building a long term sustainable lead pipeline using SEO.

Conquer the Inherent Challenges of B2B Marketing

Generate Sales Qualified Leads

Generating leads is easy these days but generating leads that your sales team enjoys talking to, is a major opportunity for most B2B brands. We help you hone your brand communication and targeting such that your sales team doesn't waste time on poor leads.

Visualise Lead Funnels

B2B sales funnel is comparatively complex, and to onboard clients, it is essential to know what they care about. We help you create relevant content through the marketing funnel so that the leads keep trickling down the funnel.

Improve ROI consistently

B2B purchase decisions take time and are influenced by numerous professionals. We utilise strong content marketing + SEO across the decision journey to improve long term conversions and ROI.

Our B2B Marketing Solutions

We leverage comprehensive digital ads and SEO strategies across different channels to create a measurable, long-lasting growth trajectory for your brand.

Lead Generation

We utilise Google & Bing Search ads to drive targeted brand visibility and high-intent lead generation. Through Search ads, we place your brand right in front of those who’re searching for it, thus increasing conversions.

Lead Engagement

We use social media ads across LinkedIn, Display, YouTube, Twitter, Quora & at times Meta to engage your target audiences. The objective here is seldom lead generation - it is more about educating your audience & creating demand.

Content Driven SEO

We deliver full-suite B2B SEO solutions, to build a steady, long-term flow of organic leads. Our solutions include content planning, domain authority improvement, on-page and technical SEO and analytics to improve funnel efficiency significantly.

Generate Sales Qualified B2B Leads Consistently.

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B2B Marketing FAQs

B2B digital marketing services include marketing strategies aimed at promoting your products or services to other businesses or organisations. Multiple channels are relevant for B2B marketing services right from SEO, Search ads, Email marketing, Webinars and more.

The primary difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the customer base to which a product or service is being served. B2C marketing involves marketing the product directly to the end consumer. Whereas, B2B marketing involves positioning a brand in front of businesses where the purchase decision is influenced by a number of individuals.

Intent Farm provides complete digital advertising and SEO solutions including Google ads, Facebook ads and Search engine optimization for a diverse range of B2B brands.

Given the challenges faced by the B2B brands in product/ service positioning, brand awareness, and complex sales funnel, well-thought-out digital marketing strategies can provide a great boost to your B2B brand.

B2B marketing strategies aim at driving measurable results based on the marketing goals. An effective B2B marketing strategy builds brand awareness, enhances B2B lead generation, and improves traffic and conversions. It typically involves multiple channels working together seamlessly to deliver results. We create bespoke solutions depending on your product/ service and target audience.

Major B2B marketing channels include digital ads, search engine optimization, PPC advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing.

B2B marketing is characterized by serving logical and complex purchase decisions, developing long term relationships, catering to the needs of the customers, and standing out in a marketplace with more sellers, as compared to the number of buyers.

Yes. We serve a global client base offering SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

Our Blogs

What is digital marketing for B2B businesses?

B2B digital marketing refers to the online marketing of your B2B business. Digital marketing has evolved as an efficient marketing strategy for B2B businesses. With effective digital marketing strategies, B2B businesses can ensure growth in brand awareness, online visibility and ROI. Unlike D2C marketing, digital marketing for B2B businesses has the challenge of driving sales through a comparatively complex sales funnel.

Purchase decisions for B2B businesses are influenced by a number of professionals and usually occur in rounds of discussion. It is thus very essential for B2B businesses to maintain a strong online presence and constant recall to sustain in the market. Along with traditional marketing channels, leveraging digital marketing channels can aid B2B businesses in achieving a great boost in ROI. B2B digital marketing can help businesses reach a larger audience base, drive more leads and help in the sustainable growth of your business when done right.

B2B SEO agencies and B2B digital advertising agencies can help you reap maximum benefits through all the digital channels, and optimise your digital marketing efforts.

What are the digital marketing channels for B2B businesses?

It is essential to understand different digital channels to optimise a digital marketing strategy for your business. With ever-increasing digitalisation, B2B digital marketing experts need to study each of the B2B digital marketing platforms to leverage them effectively. As a B2B digital marketing agency in India, Intent Farm has mastered different approaches to benefit from different digital marketing channels for B2B brands.

  1. Social Media Ads: With the social media revolution, an enormous audience has started using social media. Businesses have also begun running their ads on social media, as it allows you to reach a vast audience. Social media ads do not directly participate in generating leads, but it creates awareness about your product and services. Intent Farm has leveraged B2B brands from diverse sectors through effective B2B social media marketing. We have helped authenticate businesses through social media. Instagram ads and Facebook ads also aid in effectively interacting and engaging with your target audience which fosters the business in the long term. With Social media experts at Intent Farm, we know how the platform works and create a dedicated digital ad strategy for your B2B business that works just right.

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, focusing on paid ads for ranking your business’s websites on the top search results. The most commonly used platforms for search marketing are Google ads, Microsoft ads, Amazon ads, and Youtube ads. SEM is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising and often yields quick, favourable results. However, search engine marketing strategies unlike search engine optimisation are one-time strategies and need to be rewired according to the changing business goals. As a B2B digital marketing agency, we handle end-to-end digital advertising for your B2B business on all levels and help you get a stop on the first SERP through these search engines. We ensure effective search ad campaigns that are targeted toward the right audience and help you get the most returns from your investments in paid ads.

  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a way to rank your website on search engine result pages organically. To rank higher, your website should be SEO-friendly and have quality content. Organic traffic is the direct, purest form of traffic and has several long-term benefits for a B2B business. However, to organically rank your website, many efforts need to be put in, including keyword research, content planning, and on-page and off-page SEO optimisation. Intent Farm is a B2B SEO agency in India that provides content planning, SEO reports, technical on-page and off-page services, and SEO audits. These services help you rank your business higher in the search results and help keep track of your progress and what strategies to implement next. SEO, when done right, produces long-term, quality organic growth for your business.

What are the benefits of digital marketing for B2B businesses?

With the digital shift, B2B digital marketing has become a mainstream marketing strategy. Given the impressive benefits of digital marketing, a majority of enterprises have chosen the path to building and boosting a robust online presence in order to achieve growth. Partnering with a B2B digital marketing agency can help you with effective strategising, planning, execution and tracking of your digital growth and drive the following benefits for your B2B business.

  1. Brand Awareness: For B2B, digital marketing is the most efficient way to boost brand awareness. When audiences consume and resonate with the business’s content, they legitimise your business with word of mouth. It brings more people onto your websites to purchase your products and services. Enhanced brand awareness leads to increased sales via qualified lead generation. The more people know about your business, the better your business will perform. Besides digital ads and social media marketing, organic growth through search engine optimisation leads to increased brand credibility and ensures a thought leadership position for your business in the market.

  2. Insightful Data: One of the many benefits of B2B digital marketing services is that it is easier to track digital marketing efforts compared to traditional marketing techniques. Effective market research and competitor analysis through digital marketing channels equip B2B brands with accurate data which plays an essential role in the growth of a business. Data helps us to track the lacking areas and focus on the subsequent strategies to execute for sustainable development.

    With digital marketing data, B2B digital marketing agencies can change and help you optimise B2B growth marketing plans if they see an algorithmic shift in the social media platforms or a rise in the usage of specific keywords. A B2B marketing consultant can ensure steady growth by predicting future data patterns and can differentiate in a strategic way the performance of each digital marketing strategy. As a B2B digital marketing agency we ensure this data is used to its optimum advantage, and in turn, optimise the digital marketing efforts that go into the B2B digital marketing campaigns.

  3. Lead generation: The brand awareness created by our B2B digital marketing services brings increased organic traffic to your website. This massive traffic helps generate leads and sales for your business. Pure organic traffic coming from B2B search engine optimization efforts results in high intent lead generation. Effective search ads and social media ads aligned with the set business goals assist this organic traffic and lead generation with an additional percentage of referral traffic that is curious to know more about your brand. Harnessing search intent and effectively placing your product or service in front of the right audience at the right time boosts sales-qualified lead generation. As a B2B digital marketing company, we ensure all our campaigns are result-oriented and focused on B2B lead generation and ultimately help optimise the ROI for your business.

  4. Targeted campaigns: Brand awareness, website traffic, and data from different strategies to generate leads accumulate to work on a successful B2B digital marketing campaign. With a correct mix of in-depth research, supported by data and analytics, it is possible for B2B digital marketing agencies to leverage every digital marketing channel and optimise ROI for your B2B business. Understanding the audience persona and crafting objective-oriented campaigns to satisfy various business goals can help give a tremendous boost to your business.

How can a B2B digital marketing agency help leverage digital strategy for your B2B business?

  1. Enhancing Visibility Through Social Media Ads: With such a massive audience residing on social media, making an engaging advertisement can easily attract a vast audience. This audience generates leads and sales for your businesses. For that to work, it is necessary to understand what are the needs of the audiences and the type and platform algorithm. With the help of our social media marketing experts, we help businesses to get in touch with the target audience and effectively inform and engage them. Intent Farm being a B2B digital marketing agency in India provides end-to-end digital advertising and SEO services for B2B companies. We ensure leveraged brand visibility through effective social media ad campaigns on different social media platforms and ensure an omnichannel marketing strategy that works just right.

  2. Leveraging Search Engine Marketing: Search engine marketing is a potent tool to advertise your website, product or service and display it on the first search result page on Google. With SEM strategies like Google ads, Amazon ads, Facebook ads, and Youtube ads, you can gain a spot on the top Google search results thus directing high intent leads onto your website. These advertisements reach large audiences, generating substantial leads. The PPC advertising model is cost-effective compared to other mainstream mediums of marketing and is an effective way to increase conversion rates.

  3. Optimising For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): Search engine optimisation is a recommended organic ranking method for your website, product or service. SEO is the most authentic way to rank on the search engine results page. SEO is the most cost-effective way to drive long-term traffic to your website. Unlike paid search engine marketing, SEO requires a good amount of time and effort to show results. However, it grows steadily, accumulating many leads and audiences to your website over the period of time. Being a B2B SEO agency in India, we have seen the exponential growth that effective on-point SEO strategies drive and hence provide your business with comprehensive B2B search engine optimisation services.