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Bespoke Digital Marketing solutions for Beauty & Skincare brands to scale traffic as well as conversion rates – in effect improving revenues and marketing outcomes across the funnel. We utilise our experience with leading Beauty & Skincare brands to scale your brand across D2C and Marketplace channels.

Overcome the Challenges of
Beauty & Skincare Marketing

Our team specializes in growing D2C beauty and skincare brands through proven, revenue-driving, industry-specific tactics. Supported by a data-backed approach that truly maximizes business growth at every user touchpoint, we know what it takes to scale brands in the lifestyle space.


Brands Impacted


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🎯 Improving Customer Acquisition Cost

Intent Farm helps you with targeted advertising and data driven marketing campaigns across paid and organic channels to reduce customer acquisition costs.

🚀 Authenticity and Trust

Skincare brands work on trust & customer centricity. We help enhance your trust with powerful ads across the marketing funnel focusing on creator collaborations, and UGC.

📊 Evolving Algorithms and Platforms

Stay ahead with continuous algorithm updates, utilizing AI-driven analytics and adaptive content strategies to optimize brand presence across digital platforms and win the algorithmic game.

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“We’ve created Intent Farm after years of tinkering and experimenting to find what actually drives results. Whether it be ads driven or organic growth, we take a very user-centric approach which helps us win much more often.”
Hitesh Lalwani
Founder & CEO, Intent Farm

IITB Alum, ex-P&G, ex-upGrad

Recognised amongst Top 10 Digital Marketing Industry Leaders

How We Drive Your Growth

Google Ads

We utilise Google Search, Shopping & PMax ads to drive targeted brand visibility. Through these channels, we place your brand right in front of those who’re searching for it.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad campaigns utilising customer centric creatives to boost brand love and turn sales. Through engaging ad campaigns on FB, we make sure your brand reaches its target audience.


We deliver full-stack SEO solutions for your brand, thus building a steady, long-term flow of customers. Solid SEO strategies significantly help rationalise your advertising spending.

Instagram Ads

That's your Target audience lives, sleeps and breathes for 5 hours every day. And we place your brand infront of the right people at the right time with the right messaging to drive brand adoption.

Marketplace Management

Whether it is Amazon or Flipkart, Myntra or Nykaa OR even Quick Commerce platforms - we boost your presence with high converting listings and holistic marketing. Our SEO, A+ content, & ads expertise drive sales.

Shopify SEO

Our tailored SEO plans boost traffic, user experience, and authority. Dive deeper with technical excellence, engaging content, and data-driven insights to flourish in the eCommerce jungle.

Our Creative Prowess

Know More About Our Beauty & Skincare Marketing Services

Social media advertising, Google and shopping ads, search engine optimisation, influencer marketing affiliate marketing, and content marketing are some of the channels that can effectively promote and advertise your skincare products.

Digital ads create curiosity and recall value in the minds of consumers. Advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can create curiosity and brand awareness amongst your target prospects and can lead to impulsive purchases.

Social media ads, barter collaborations, affiliate marketing, user-generated content, and influencer marketing are some of the beauty and skincare marketing tactics that can boost your business growth on social media.

The target market for skincare products includes consumers from a variety of demographics. It totally depends on your product basket. Reaching out to the right set of audiences that are aligned with your brand’s offerings is the key to the beauty and skincare brand’s success.

A targeted and holistic digital marketing approach can help you place your brand in front of the right audience and can drive brand awareness, engagements and conversions. Digital marketing can yield amplified results for your business when done right.

We provide complete SEO optimisation and digital ads services for Shopify, WordPress, Wix and custom made web platforms.

Yes. We offer pan India as well as global SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

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