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We utilise our experience with 100+ eCommerce brands to scale your brand digitally.

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Increase in Organic (SEO) Revenue


Increase in Paid Search Revenue


Increase in RoI


Search Revenue Increase


Reduction in Acquistion Cost


Increase in Search Visibility


Overall ROAS within 3 months


Orders in 6th Month


Lower CAC than target

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Scaling Diverse Beauty And Skincare Brands

We’ve scaled up multiple brands in the beauty and skincare sector by providing bespoke digital marketing services.


Skincare brands work on trust on customer centricity. We help enhance both with powerful ads across the marketing funnel.


We have aptly placed haircare brands in front of the target audience through different digital channels thus driving effective ROI for our clients.


Through targeted advertising campaigns, and SEO strategies, we've improve customer acquisition costs.

Personal care

We help personal care and hygiene brands to improve their relatability and hence improve CAC as well as LTV.

Overcome the Challenges of Beauty & Skincare Marketing

Be Customer Centric

We focus on creating customer centric advertisements to improve brand affinity and conversion rates.

Focus on LTV

Using full funnel strategies - we help you maximise the life time value of your customers.

Build Your Own Audience

We ensure your brand is not dependent completely on other platforms for traffic and orders. We build your own audience using SEO.

Our Solutions

We leverage comprehensive digital ads and SEO strategies across different channels to create a measurable, long-lasting growth trajectory, and a profitable makeover for your beauty and skincare brand.

Google Search and Shopping Ads

We utilise Google Search and Shopping ads to drive targeted brand visibility. Through these channels, we place your brand right in front of those who’re searching for it.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads campaigns utilising customer centric ads seriously boost brand love and in turn sales. Through engaging ad campaigns on FB and IG, we make sure your brand reaches its target audience.

Organic Traffic Growth

We deliver full-stack SEO solutions for your brand, thus building a steady, long-term flow of customers. Solid SEO strategies significantly help rationalise your advertising spending.

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Beauty And Skincare Marketing FAQs

Social media advertising, Google and shopping ads, search engine optimisation, influencer marketing affiliate marketing, and content marketing are some of the channels that can effectively promote and advertise your skincare products.

Digital ads create curiosity and recall value in the minds of consumers. Advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can create curiosity and brand awareness amongst your target prospects and can lead to impulsive purchases.

Social media ads, barter collaborations, affiliate marketing, user-generated content, and influencer marketing are some of the beauty and skincare marketing tactics that can boost your business growth on social media.

The target market for skincare products includes consumers from a variety of demographics. It totally depends on your product basket. Reaching out to the right set of audiences that are aligned with your brand’s offerings is the key to the beauty and skincare brand’s success.

A targeted and holistic digital marketing approach can help you place your brand in front of the right audience and can drive brand awareness, engagements and conversions. Digital marketing can yield amplified results for your business when done right.

We provide complete SEO optimisation and digital ads services for Shopify, WordPress, Wix and custom made web platforms.

Yes. We offer pan India as well as global SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

Our Blogs

What is digital marketing for the beauty and skincare industry?

Digital marketing for the skincare industry refers to the promotion and marketing of skin care products through digital channels. Digital ad services for the skincare industry help build a strong online presence, build a community of brand advocates online, and drive organic leads to your business. The global skincare market is overgrowing and it has become challenging for skincare brands to resonate with consumers in a hypercompetitive market. Besides a hypercompetitive market, the retail skin care industry has seen a digital shift and creating a differentiating online presence has become of utmost importance for e-commerce skincare brands.

The digitalisation of the skincare industry has facilitated higher levels of creating connections with their customers and engaging with them on a variety of platforms. Beauty and skincare digital marketing services have enabled brands to connect with their potential consumers on a global level and maximise reach for their brands. Digital marketing channels for skincare and beauty brands are a gold mine for e-commerce skincare and beauty brands since they help build brand awareness, enhance credibility and boost sales. However, it is important to carefully consider direct affecting factors such as correct audience demographic targeting, optimising the utilization of platforms to their intended audience and purpose, and effectively aligning digital marketing campaigns with business goals becomes a concern for skincare brands.

To be able to stand out in the market and attract new customers to your business, skincare brands need to create and leverage authentic content across all channels and optimise their digital marketing spending. It is always better to opt for digital ad services for skincare brands that take into consideration the nooks and corners of beauty brand marketing. Being a leading skincare digital marketing agency in India, we have helped diverse skincare and beauty brands with building their brand awareness, content mapping, search engine optimisation, lead generation, sales, and digital ads through the following digital marketing channels for skincare brands.

How to do digital marketing for beauty and skincare brands?

A holistic, comprehensive approach can be applied to plan and execute a digital marketing strategy for skincare brands. Being a result-oriented skincare digital marketing agency, we have closely studied the pros and cons of the following digital ad services for skincare brands, that beauty and skincare brands can leverage.

  1. Social Media Ads: Social media platforms have been connecting people across the globe. With this increased networking and connectivity, social media platforms have become a great way to interact with your target audience and build brand awareness. Social media ads including Facebook and Instagram ads have equipped brands with opportunities to reach vast audiences and are the most popular place to leverage brand awareness and recall. Having worked with 100+ brands as a skincare brand digital ad agency, we have helped skincare brands with advertising campaigns on social media platforms and optimise the ROI for their business.

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid method of ranking your website or product on search engines. Search engines place your ads or website link on the spot higher than the top websites that are ranked organically. SEM is an easy, and cost-effective way to gain visibility for your brand through higher rankings on the SERPs. With expertise in beauty and skincare digital marketing services, Intent Farm aids you in planning and executing the entire advertising campaign such that your brand reaps maximum benefit from SEM. Paid ads attract high intent organic leads to your website, thus giving you higher conversion rates.

  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): SEO is a trusted digital advertising channel for skincare and cosmetic brands to drive sustainable, organic growth. It is a free-to-use way of ranking your e-commerce website organically. However, for SEO to show results it is important to effectively craft SEO strategies that align the best with your business goals. Effective keyword research, content analysis, and on-page and off-page SEO optimisation are some of the pillars that make your SEO efforts yield considerable results. Being an SEO expert, Intent Farm provides end-to-end SEO services for beauty and skincare brands.

Benefits of digital marketing for beauty and skincare industries

People are nowadays more focused on buying skin care products online and only do so when your brand has a robust online presence. Digital marketing channels have given an advantage for skincare brands to build brand awareness, leverage credibility and improve sales via the internet. The skincare industry can reach more audiences, and drive more organic traffic, leads and sales on your e-commerce skincare website through end-to-end beauty and skincare digital marketing services.

The goal of a cosmetic marketing company is to bring organic traffic to your website and convert leads into sales. With our creative and strategic marketing, we assure a significant growth in your traffic to the website.

  1. Enhanced Visibility: The skin care, beauty and cosmetics industry is such a big market that your visibility should be high in order to sustain and succeed in this hypercompetitive market. An SEO-friendly website ranks on the top of search engine result pages thus boosting the visibility of your brand which aids in your product standing out. SEO is the organic way to drive sales for your business. Besides SEO, social media ads, search ads and display ads are a great way to spread awareness about your brand and products, eventually attracting a large audience to your business.

  2. Understand your target audience: With the evolution of different products for different skin types and skincare needs, the skincare market has always been a diverse, target-oriented market. With target-specific digital marketing strategies, it has become possible for skincare and beauty brands to reach out to their target audiences and understand their requirements and shape their business’ communication accordingly. Finding who should be your target audience is a difficult task. Being an experienced beauty and skincare digital marketing agency, we at Intent Farm help you pinpoint specific demographics and effectively craft ad campaigns and SEO strategies that help you gain maximum returns.

  3. Focused Campaigns: Effective, objective-oriented digital marketing campaigns with defined KPIs are the heart of running successful skincare digital marketing strategies. At Intent Farm, we help you strategise your advertising and social media campaigns that best align with your business goals. With well-defined KPIs, we ensure effective tracking of all the campaigns and drive significant growth for your business.

  4. Gain Credibility: SEO gives the most credibility to the website as it is organically ranked higher by Google. For buying a product online, consumers demand credibility, both that of the website and the company. Digital ad services for the skincare industry and cosmetic brands helps create awareness about the company and their products and eventually get a credible spot in the minds of their target audience.

How can a beauty and skincare digital marketing agency help your brand?

  1. Spreading Awareness Through Social Media Ads: Social media is the most popular place for skincare brands to promote their products. Intent Farm has capitalised on an effective way of building brand awareness for skincare brands on social media through social media ads. Social media has been home to many brands and has been facilitating effective interaction and engagement with the audience. We at Intent Farm have closely studied each of the social media platforms and offer effective marketing strategies to build awareness for your skincare products.

  2. Running Ad Campaigns Through SEM: Search engine marketing is a compelling way of targeting a keyword and generating leads with high chances of converting into sales. A skincare brand digital ad agency like Intent Farm knows how to use SEM and its tools to leverage brand awareness and drive high intend leads on your website. As a digital ad agency for the skincare industry, Intent Farm uses SEM for increasing traffic and spreading awareness about your brand and products in a cost-effective manner. Being skincare digital marketing experts, we help your skincare brand drive more ROI.

  3. Leveraging Online Presence Through SEO: Optimising the website for SEO helps it rank higher in search engine result pages and drives more traffic, leads and better conversion rates. Higher organic search rankings ensure amplified brand awareness and credibility. Being an expert skincare SEO agency, we ensure to optimize your skincare e-commerce website and ensure organic, sustainable growth of your skincare business.