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We utilise full funnel digital ad & SEO strategies to fuel trust building and lead generation for EdTech brands across Search Engines & Social Media Platforms.

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Boosting Diverse EdTech Brands

Intent Farm has partnered with diverse EdTech brands to create multi channel awareness and lead generation campaigns.

Test Prep

We help EdTech institutes create their own lead funnels by engaging highly intentful prospects.

Early Learning

We work with multiple EdTech brands in the early education segment right from coding to robotics to arts and such programs..


We have helped Study abroad counsellors as well as Universities to engage aspirants and generate targeted leads.

Gadgets & Toys

While it's more of an eCommerce funnel - Gadgets & Toys for education follow a lot of the EdTech strategies. We've helped multiple such brands scale their revenues.

Overcome Challenges Faced By EdTech Brands

Improve Trust & Credibility

Being big life decision - education purchases tend to rely a lot on trust and credibility. We help build the same via strategic multi channel ads.

Create your own audience

We help you overcome the dependence on paid advertisements and instead build your own audience via SEO.

Connect with Specific Audiences

EdTechs create best results when they target specific audiences. We enable that via detailed targeting based on research - across each channel.

Our EdTech Marketing Channels

We create measurable growth via full funnel strategies across Search, Social, Display and YouTube platforms.

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads is the highest intent platform and hence best suited for targeted awareness and lead generation. We utilise Google Search in tandem with Display & YouTube advertising to attract the right audiences and convert them into leads.

Social Media Ads

Facebook & Instagram are best suited for increasing brand awareness & engagement amongst target audiences & building their trust in your programs and pedagogy. We also use social media retargeting heavily to keep showing the program's value to prospects.

Content Driven SEO

We utilise the full suite of SEO solutions right from content to on-page SEO to off-page SEO to technical SEO. This builds an organic funnel to generate sustainable leads to your brand over months. This significantly helps in rationalising advertising spends and allows you to scale much faster.

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EdTech Marketing FAQs

Various digital marketing strategies for Edtech brands include search engine optimisation, search ads, social media ads, influencer marketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

As an EdTech digital marketing agency, we craft customised digital ads and SEO strategies that are aligned with your business objectives and can help you get the most out of your digital marketing spends. We, at Intent Farm, follow a holistic digital marketing approach to maximise awareness as well as conversions.

Through digital marketing channels, EdTech businesses can expand their reach beyond their existing audience, build brand awareness, boost brand credibility and generate quality leads contributing to more conversions and ROI.

Being a digital advertising agency for Edtech, Intent Farm follows a holistic approach to Edtech’s digital marketing. With expert teams on board, we craft digital ad and SEO strategies that perfectly align with the goals and objectives of your business and help you get better returns on your investments. We’ve already done the same for multiple leading EdTech brands from multiple niches.

The audience segmentation for EdTech brands differs on the basis of their offerings. The usual audience demographics for EdTech companies include students, parents, career aspirants, job seekers, and the like. We research more about your specific customer personas basis your offerings and accordingly target the right audiences.

We provide complete SEO optimisation and digital ads services for custom websites or websites build on platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Wix.

Yes. We serve a global clientele from the EdTech industry offering SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

Our Blogs

What is Digital Marketing for EdTech brands?

Digital marketing for EdTech brands refers to the use of digital media to market EdTech products and services and has evolved as an essential marketing strategy for EdTech brands. With digital marketing channels, EdTech brands can boost awareness and increase brand visibility, and drive more traffic to their websites. EdTech digital marketing has enabled education brands to effectively combine the power of technology and quality content.

EdTech companies have been multiplying for the past two-three years. The convenience of studying online and receiving a high-quality teaching experience has made EdTech a popular business. With such advancements in the technological part of education, more and more people are eager to invest their hard-earned money in EdTech products and services. However, one of the challenges this revolutionising field faces is that of leveraging brand awareness across multiple platforms where their audiences reside. That’s where digital marketing services for EdTech brands come into the picture. Digital marketing for EdTech brands has multiple advantages and the potential to drive growth for EdTech brands.

Besides tackling the challenge of increasing brand awareness, digital marketing channels allow EdTech brands to expand their reach and engage with their target audience. Having a digital presence can make a positive impact on an EdTech company. However, these digital marketing strategies for EdTech brands need to be targeted toward the right audience. Finding the right audience and putting out the content for that targeted audience can only be done by an expert EdTech digital marketing agency. An EdTech digital marketing agency knows the ebbs and flows of digital marketing for EdTech brands and can help you optimise your EdTech digital marketing strategy to reap maximum gains.

What are the digital marketing channels for EdTech businesses?

EdTech digital marketing agencies follow an omnichannel marketing approach to tap into the needs and interests of the target audience. While crafting a digital marketing plan for education brands, EdTech marketing agencies take into consideration various digital marketing and advertising channels to cater to different business objectives. Consulting an EdTech digital ad company assists you with the tools and reports necessary to plan and effectively run a digital marketing campaign for your EdTech business. Intent Farm, being an EdTech ads agency helps you optimise the following digital marketing channels effectively.

  1. Social Media Ads: Social media is one the most popular channels of digital marketing as people of different ages are on these platforms. You can target specific as well as vast audiences at the same time through Instagram and Facebook ads. Social media gets your brand the most attention and drives increased brand visibility as compared to all the other digital marketing channels. With the help of EdTech ad campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness, digital ad services for EdTech brands make it easy for audiences to find out, learn more and buy or apply for the courses offered by an EdTech company. Through the advertisements on social media, students, parents and job-seekers get attracted to the value offerings of EdTech brands and help generate business for your EdTech company.

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): SEM is Search Engine Marketing, referring to ranking your EdTech website higher on the search engines with the help of paid advertising. As EdTech digital marketing experts, we help you run targeted search ad campaigns. Through effective SEM models like pay-per-click advertising, it is possible for EdTech brands to convey their message in the most visually appealing and compelling way. Search engine marketing strategies for EdTech brands show high rates of conversions by directing high-intent leads to your website. As a digital advertising agency for EdTech, Intent Farm provides end-to-end digital marketing services for EdTech brands which are bound to convert into sales qualified lead generation and higher ROI.

  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): SEO help in organically improving the ranking of your website. SEO is the most cost-effective way to promote your EdTech business. The digital marketing strategy for EdTech SEO is a long-term growth strategy as the ranking in SERPs takes time and dedicated effort to show results. As an EdTech digital ad company, we ensure thorough keyword research and content planning is done based on the observations from the competitor analysis and help rank your EdTech business higher for the target keyword. As an EdTech SEO agency and digital advertising agency for EdTech, we provide end-to-end SEO services for EdTech and ensure the sustainable, organic growth of your EdTech business.

Benefits of digital marketing for EdTech

EdTech digital marketing has helped EdTech rams to tap into vast segments of the audience and gain a reputable position in the market. With digital marketing strategies for EdTech brands, it has become easier than ever to reach out to your audience and interact with them on a personal, one-to-one level. Being an EdTech digital marketing agency in India, we have carefully studied the pros and cons of each of the digital channels, and have mastered techniques that would facilitate your EdTech business with the following benefits.

  1. Boost Brand Credibility With so many EdTech companies emerging these days it has become difficult for people to choose from. It is important to enhance brand awareness and credibility for EdTech brands to influence sales. Audiences have become more aware than ever, and hence, creating an effective digital marketing strategy for EdTech brands that inform the audience is of utmost importance. While techniques such as search engine optimisation lead to enhanced credibility for your brand, search ads and social media marketing help increase the reach of your brand. Besides, interacting with your audiences, social media ads also garner a good amount of interaction with your target audience as it initiates a thought process in the minds of the audience and leads them to know more about your business.

  2. Engage with the Target audience The majority of the targeted audience of an EdTech are teenagers, millennials, job-seeker and career aspirants and their respective parents. Engaging with them on the platforms where they spend most of their time online is the best way to attract their attention and engage with them. An EdTech digital marketing agency like Intent Farm, helps you to target specific segments of audiences and ensure increased interaction with them. Higher engagements also contribute to a strong recall value of your brand and help attract new audiences to your business.

  3. Affordable marketing Digital marketing is very affordable as compared to the traditional methods of marketing. An EdTech marketing agency can spread more awareness about your business to a larger audience than old-school methods with lesser time and investments. With affordable marketing in less time than traditional methods, an EdTech company can get more returns from adopting digital marketing practices.

  4. Qualified Lead generation Digital advertising agencies for EdTech like Intent Farm understand that leads help EdTech businesses in their sales, and we focus on obtaining a steady graph in lead generation. When your website gets credibility, traffic follows, and these audiences come to the website through our Search ads, Display ads, SEO, and social media awareness campaign, they travel a step down the sales funnel towards the stage of making a purchase. Qualified leads with high-purchase intent generated through various digital marketing strategies help optimise conversion rates and give a boost to your ROI.

How can an EdTech digital marketing agency help leverage digital marketing for your EdTech business?

  1. Social Media Advertising Campaigns: Being a leading EdTech digital marketing agency in India, Intent Farm helps you craft accurate advertising campaigns that best align with the objectives of your digital marketing strategy. As one of the best digital marketing agencies, we understand how Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook ads and their algorithms work. Social media ads help you create brand awareness about your EdTech business. With our experience in social media marketing, we provide specialised audience targeting, ad copy creation, and A/B testing for your EdTech business. We keep track of the content going out, recent trends and engagement rates to refine the digital marketing services for EdTech brands.

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Search and Display ads play a crucial role in individually advertising educational content. Using SEM tools like Google ads, Amazon ads, and Youtube ads, Intent Farm offers result-driven services to the EdTech companies to reach its max potential quickly. A working model like PPC makes it easy for an EdTech company to choose SEM for their marketing and earn higher returns in limited spending.

  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): SEO is the most cost-effective digital marketing channel for EdTech marketing but requires a substantial amount of time to show results. At the end of this significant time, with the help of our SEO experts, you get an SEO-optimised site that ranks higher in the search engine results. With SEO, you gain credibility and traffic to your website. With comprehensive SEO services for EdTech brands, we create a measurable impact with thorough keyword research, content planning, technical on-page and off-page SEO, regular reports, and analytics. An expert EdTech SEO and digital ads agency helps your EdTech business rank higher on the SERPs and undergo steady, sustainable and organic growth.