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We blend customer understanding, creativity and data to scale diverse fashion brands on eCommerce channels.

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40+ Brands | 5000+ Content Created

Scaling Diverse Fashion Brands

We’ve scaled up various brands in the fashion sector by providing customized digital marketing services.


We have scaled brands dealing in silver as well as gold jewellery through targeted social media ad campaigns.

Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are largely an impulse purchase. We drive brand discovery to specific audiences to drive conversions.

Clothing & Apparel

Clothing brands across men's, women's and kids are all unique in their own right. We understand the core USPs to find you the right audiences.

Luxury Fashion

We have empowered luxury fashion brands to build a strong authority and online presence through fashion e-commerce marketing.

Overcome Challenges faced by Fashion Brands


Every fashion brand is differentiated by design and finding the right customers who love your products is critical to success.

Customer Centricity

Customer preferences are change rapidly wrt fashion and keeping up is critical to success. We help brands find the right insights for the same.

Heavy Reliance on Ads

While the heavy reliance on ads can hardly be overcome, we help improve the results from ads via ROI focussed campaigns.

Our Fashion Marketing Channels

We offer comprehensive fashion digital marketing services to ensure your marketing objectives are met with maximum returns in optimised investments.

Google Shopping Ads

Targeted Shopping ads to drive intentful audiences to the brand's website.

Social Media Ads

Drive product discovery and brand engagement to ultimately generate purchases.

Display & YouTube Ads

Brand awareness focussed multi-channel ads to drive brand discovery and build recall.

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Fashion Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing for the fashion industry helps in boosting brand awareness, leveraging the digital presence of your brand, increasing sales, and driving growth for your fashion brand.

Intent Farm provides customised comprehensive digital marketing services for fashion brands that are growth-focused and aligned with business objectives. We facilitate the growth of your business by ensuring your brand gets placed in front of the right audience and gains higher conversions through amplified brand visibility and awareness.

As compared to traditional marketing techniques for retail fashion brands, digital marketing utilises lesser investments and has the potential to give you higher returns. With the fashion landscape changing every passing second, you can build a strong presence of your brand through the effective use of digital channels and set yourself apart from the competition.

Social media ads are the best for growing fashion brands. Following that – brands should also explore Shopping ads, Influencer Marketing and Email Marketing.

We provide complete SEO optimisation and digital ads services for Shopify, WordPress, and Wix based websites.

Yes. We serve a global clientele for SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

Our Blogs

What is digital marketing for fashion brands?

Digital marketing for fashion brands has evolved into one of the most effective marketing strategies for fashion brands. The fashion segment has seen a digital shift post the pandemic. With a hypercompetitive market, it has become essential for fashion brands to adopt fashion digital marketing.

Fashion digital marketing uses digital channels such as search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, and social media ads to increase brand awareness and effectively reach the target audience. Digital marketing for fashion brands has equipped fashion businesses with additional benefits of reaching a large audience base, improving brand visibility, driving impulsive purchases, and creating a strong recall value in the audience’s minds.

Fashion brand digital marketing includes numerous strategies catering to different sales funnel stages. From informing the audience about the brand through awareness campaigns to driving sales qualified leads to your fashion e-commerce website, digital marketing for the fashion industry has empowered businesses in acquiring sales-qualified leads and expanding the business.

Digital marketing for fashion brands, when done right, has proven to optimise profitability and the ROI of your fashion business.

Benefits of digital marketing for fashion brands

Digital marketing services for fashion brands can help in the overall growth of your business. Being a fashion digital marketing agency, we have closely studied the fashion digital marketing space and realised the immense potential that lies in these digital channels. With a knee-deep experience in fashion marketing, we ensure on-point digital marketing strategies for your fashion brand that brings in the following benefits.

  1. Highly Effective Marketing Strategy: Digital platforms are the best way to reach out to your target audience and engage them. With an affordable investment, digital marketing services for fashion brands can reach their targets and influence purchases. Unlike traditional advertising, digital ads and SEO give fashion businesses a chance to massively expand their reach and drive leads and conversions.

  2. Increased Brand Awareness: Digital advertising methods for fashion brands lead to increased brand awareness. With higher rankings on Google, fashion businesses can leverage the credibility of their brand and stand out from the competition. Cross-platform digital marketing strategies additionally help brands to gain higher inbound traffic thus increasing the brand visibility and reach.

  3. High Recall Value: Just as important as it is to acquire new customers, it is important to retain and nurture the existing ones and push them down the sales funnel. Creating a strong brand recall value becomes an important step in leading a potential lead to make a sale. Digital marketing channels are an effective way to enhance the brand recall value as they stay with the customer for longer time. High recall drives conversions, as the consumer who’s well aware of the brand eventually decides to purchase the value offering of the brand.

  4. Sales-qualified Lead Generation: Fashion digital marketing services aid in generating qualified leads by effectively nurturing them at every stage of their purchase journey. A well-informed, aware customer who trusts your brand is bound to convert and make purchases. This sale trajectory can be easily tracked and monitored with targeted fashion digital marketing strategies.

  5. Optimising Local Search And Mobile Searches: The majority of the searches and sales nowadays happen with mobiles. Users prefer the use of mobile devices to make on-the-go searches. A lot of purchases, too, are initiated and completed through mobiles. It is thus important for fashion brands to leverage digital marketing strategies to make the most out of local business searches and mobile optimisation of websites to facilitate easy conversions.

  6. Long-term Growth: Digital marketing services for fashion brands can ensure a long-term relationship with their consumers and sustainable growth. Effective digital marketing strategies such as content marketing keep consumers engaged and turn them into loyal customers for your brands. These long-term relationships keep compounding over a period of time thus rooting your fashion business deeper in the market.
How can a fashion digital marketing agency help leverage your brand?

An objective-based, result-oriented digital marketing strategy is essential for fashion brands to make the most out of their digital spending. By optimising different digital channels, fashion brands can harness the power of each and channelise growth. With a holistic approach toward digital marketing, a fashion digital marketing agency can help you craft effective fashion digital marketing strategies for your brand and ensure effective tracking of results to optimise ROI. Mentioned below are some of the most cost-effective and high-performing digital marketing strategies that can leverage your brand’s visibility on the web. However, getting these right is easier said than done and that’s where a fashion digital marketing agency comes to your rescue.

  1. Search Engine Marketing: SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Search engine marketing refers to paid advertising to boost the visibility of your business on the search engine result pages. Your business ranks on the first result page with an effective Google ads strategy. Moreover, paid ads allow accurate targeting of customers.

    Fashion brands can place their products right in front of the audience already searching for your product. PPC ads are a great way to harness high intent lead, hence an effective strategy to increase sales and boost conversions. Being a fashion marketing agency, Intent Farm provides end-to-end search advertising services for fashion brands. With well-planned Google ad campaigns, we have leveraged diverse fashion brands.

  2. Social Media Ads: Social media ads effectively enhance brand recall and drive impulsive purchases. Facebook and Instagram ads are a direct way to reach the target audience by featuring your brand on their feeds. Social media brands allow you to target various segments of your audience and effectively place ads such that they drive click-throughs. Social media ads are also an effective way to engage with your target audience.

    Brand awareness-driven social media ad campaigns work wonders to bring fashion brands looking to leverage their brand’s presence across multiple platforms. Facebook ads and Instagram also boost the referral traffic on your website, thus acquiring more leads, more sales, and conversions. At Intent Farm, we have a dedicated team of Facebook ad managers that excel in fashion business marketing. As a leading fashion digital marketing agency in India, we consider all your business goals and craft a social media ads strategy that perfectly aligns with your targets.

  3. Search Engine Optimization: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-effective and efficient way to drive organic growth for your fashion business. Search engine optimisation strategies help gain your business a higher organic ranking in the Google search results. A higher-running website drives increased brand awareness and organic traffic. Pure, direct traffic coming directly through Google search results ultimately leads to a sustainable supply of leads.

    SEO for fashion brands is one of the most effective techniques to stand out from the competition and build an authoritative, unique brand presence on the web. Search engine optimisation, however, is a long-term process and needs a lot of time, effort and dedication until it starts yielding results. Intent Farm is a fashion e-commerce marketing agency with expert e-commerce SEO teams to help you with end-to-end eCommerce SEO services for your fashion business.