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Scaling Diverse FinTech Brands

We have scaled up various brands in the BFSI sector with our focused, data-driven marketing strategies for FinTech companies.

FinTech & Crypto

With a holistic user-centric approach we’ve helped numerous FinTech services to boost their user acquisition.

Trading And Investment

We have enhanced brand visibility and awareness for clients offering services in the trading and investment sector.

Overcome Challenges faced by FinTech Brands

Organic User Acquisition

Relying solely on paid marketing for user acquisition can be very risky for BFSI brands. We help scale organic acquisition via SEO.

Trust & Credibility

We create campaigns and ad creatives to drive trust and hence lower CACs for defined customer segments.

Engaging Millennials

Engaging the younger audiences is a common goal for all BFSI brands - making it very competitive and hence costly. We've helped brands overcome this multiple times.

Our FinTech Marketing Solutions

With user-centric, targeted advertising and SEO campaigns, we create a powerful online presence for your brand and make sure to set your business up for successful growth trajectories.

Google Ads Network

Google Search Ads is the highest intent platform and hence best suited for targeted awareness and lead generation. We utilise Google Search & App ads in tandem with Display & YouTube ads to attract the right audiences and convert them into leads.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads scale-up brand awareness, engagements and lead generation. Through effective top of funnel and retargeting ad campaigns, we help your FinTech brand to reach out to the young, potential consumer base, that resides on these social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. With the clear objective of organic visibility and customer acquisition we lead content planning, on-page SEO, technical and domain authority improvement for your brand.

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FinTech Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing is essential for FinTech brands as it helps you reach a wider audience, boost brand visibility, build credibility and educate the audience about your services. All of it then culminating in customer acquisition via lead generation or app downloads.

We are a FinTech digital marketing agency that follows a holistic marketing approach to make sure that your fintech business is placed in front of the right audience at the right time. With a team of experienced SEO and digital ads professionals, we curate goal-oriented campaigns to create a measurable impact and drive brand growth.


Our wealth of experience of having worked with multiple types of FinTech brands allows us to hit the ground running for new brands.

Search engine optimisation, digital ads, and influencer marketing are some of the digital marketing strategies for fintech companies that can help upscale FinTech businesses.

Yes. We help brands with pan India location-based SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

Our Blogs

What is FinTech digital marketing?

FinTech digital marketing is concerned with strategising digital marketing plans to facilitate brand amplification, demand generation, customer acquisition and retention. FinTech brands offering financial services are obstructed by the challenge of enhancing the credibility of their brands for customers to trust them with their hard-earned money. With the age of rising internet consumption, customers are aware more than ever of promises, and offerings offered by the brands and keenly choose which brand to associate with. In such competitiveness, FinTech brands need to ensure a strong digital presence through a well-crafted FinTech digital marketing strategy.

With numerous FinTech brands offering similar value propositions, it has become challenging for FinTech brands to retain customers in the long run. FinTech digital marketing serves as an effective marketing strategy in such a scenario. FinTech businesses can reduce the cost of customer acquisition and can optimise the customer lifetime value (CLV) by making effective use of digital marketing channels.

With the right marketing strategies for FinTech companies, FinTech brands can optimise the ROI for their business by reaching out to new audiences, building brand awareness, visibility, and credibility, and educating their target audience about their products and services. Besides the highlighted benefits of digital marketing for FinTech brands, FinTech marketing campaigns can also assist FinTech marketers in collecting and analysing practical data which allows you to understand the buyer persona and audience demographics, and can further be optimised to make the most returns on investment.

What are the benefits of digital marketing for FinTech brands?

The world is becoming increasingly digital and it has become vital for FinTech brands to meet people where they already are. Unlike traditional mass marketing methods, digital marketing has massively increased the potential of reaching out to a specific group of people based on their age, interests, needs, and other demographics. Besides, digital marketing channels have also increased the possibility of personalising this reach and tailoring the brand communication as per the set of different audiences.

By assigning KPIs to your campaigns, digital marketing makes it easier for you to track your marketing progress and rewire your strategies basis the results that they yield. While FinTech digital marketing strategies offer numerous benefits, summarised below are some of the most crucial benefits of FinTech advertising that help FinTech brands in tackling some of the most common marketing challenges.

  1. Builds Credibility: Since FinTech services include huge amounts of investments from the consumers’ end, building credibility becomes the base of all marketing success for FinTech brands. Digital marketing channels give FinTech brands an advantage over their competitors as they can continually communicate value with their users.

    Clear communication with the consumers, effective methods of incentivisation, and constant emphasis on brand USPs through the digital marketing channels give a great boost to the credibility of your brands, and immensely help you in attracting, engaging, and acquiring new customers while nurturing the existing leads.

  2. Educates The Audience: One of the most important pillars of digital marketing for FinTech brands is educating the target audience about your product and service. FinTech being a complex business verticle, it is important for FinTech brands to educate their target audience regarding their value offering. With a surge in the millennial, and Genz consumer base, digital marketing helps FinTech brands effectively educate the target audience, and simplify complex financial concepts.

    Digital marketing services for FinTech brands have equipped brands with sending out chunks of complex financial information in the simplest forms and building their brand as approachable. Besides, FinTech digital marketing methods have also stepped up to promote financial technology services as attractive, and easy to associate with.

  3. Increases Reach: Beyond building brand credibility and educating consumers, FinTech digital marketing helps brands to tap into the needs and interests of a diverse sector of audience. Through effective targeting of the audience, FinTech brands can expand their reach and boost brand visibility across the globe. With increased brand awareness and visibility, FinTech brands can expect higher organic traffic on their website and a sustainable flow of leads with a higher chance of converting into sales.

How can a FinTech digital marketing agency help FinTech brands?

Digital advertising for FinTech brands has proven to yield several benefits when done right. With increased digital communication and social networking platforms, it has become feasible to reach target audiences through preferred channels of communication. Digital marketing services for FinTech brands include financial technology marketing through digital channels such as social media ads, paid ads, search engine marketing, and search engine optimisation. While each channel has its own areas of driving success, it is immensely important to study and understand the platform and optimise it with an aim to get maximum results from it.

Every channel serves a different purpose and a different set of audiences, and hence while crafting a FinTech technology marketing strategy, it is vital to consider the pros and cons of the platform, define key performance indicators, and a target audience. While digital platforms are the best way to convey your brand’s message to your target audience, having a sound FinTech digital marketing strategy is easier said than done. Being a FinTech digital marketing agency in India, we have aptly leveraged the following digital marketing channels for a diverse range of FinTech brands. Being experienced as a FinTech digital marketing agency, we know exactly what it takes for your FinTech business to succeed, and offer you end-to-end FinTech digital marketing services.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is important in leveraging the brand awareness, visibility and credibility of your brand. A higher ranking of an SEO-friendly website on the search engines contributes to widened brand visibility, thus driving high organic traffic to your website. Being a leading FinTech SEO agency in India, we understand the SEO parameters that can affect your business, and help you optimise the low-lying areas. With effective keyword research, competitor analysis and optimization of key SEO elements on your website, we ensure you gain the #1 spot on the search engine results, and organically grow your business.

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Search Engine Marketing uses paid methods such as PPC advertising which helps your FinTech business to gain a spot on the first page of Google search results. Unlike SEO, SEM tactics are likely to yield high intend, sales-qualified leads as these help you place your brand right in front of those who search ads. Through effective, object-oriented search ad campaigns, we at Intent farm, a marketing agency for FinTech, ensure that you target the right set of keywords and perfect audience demographics who can become your customers. As a FinTech ad agency, we employ a holistic B2B FinTech marketing approach and ensure an effective search marketing strategy that helps leverage your overall FinTech digital marketing yields.

  3. Social Media Marketing: Social media ads are an effective way to engage and interact with your target audience. Facebook and Instagram ads facilitate you with accurate audience segmentation and targeted marketing. Being a FinTech ad agency in India, we ensure effective planning and execution of Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that have the potential to influence your target audience to click through the learn more button and visit your website. Being a FinTech digital marketing agency in India, social media marketing service allows us to drive additional referral traffic to your website, and generate more leads through effective campaigns.