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Increase in Search Revenue


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Scaling Diverse FMCG brands

We’ve scaled up various brands in the FMCG industry by providing customised digital marketing services.

Packaged Foods

We've helped grow multiple packaged / fresh food brands using multi-channel marketing including ads and SEO.

Household Consumables

We have scaled brands offering household consumables through effective audience segmentation and on-point ad strategies.

Conquer the Challenges faced by FMCG Brands

Multi-channel consumer engagement

Consumer interactions across all of their digital footprint creates journeys that delight and convert to purchases.

Drive Product Discovery

Getting the product discovered natively by the potential target audiences is the most challenging aspect of FMCG marketing. We do the same by using native and UGC ad formats.

Improve LTV

We help brands build long term customer relationships and choose your products repeatedly.

Our FMCG Marketing Channels

With experience and expertise in search engine optimization and digital ad strategies, we provide FMCG brands with end-to-end solutions for all their digital marketing needs.

Google Search and Shopping Ads

Google search and shopping ads can lead to impulsive purchases, mainly because the target audience is already looking for products your brand provides. With accurate targeting of ads, we help showcase your products to consumers browsing similar categories of products.

Social Media Ads

Tapping into the interests of consumers via digital channels is effective in product discovery and customer engagement for FMCG brands. With carefully aligned social media advertising campaigns, we drive enhanced visibility, reach and awareness for your brand - ultimately leading to purchases.

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end SEO services that drive sustainable, long-term audience building and higher ROI, ensuring full-scale organic growth for your business. Whether it is content planning or on-page/technical SEO or authority building - we do it all for our partner brands.

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FMCG Marketing FAQs

Digital marketing in the FMCG sector allows brands to distinguish themselves from the competition by creating a unique identity and ensuring enhanced brand reach, awareness and visibility. Digital marketing channels facilitate FMCG brands to better track their marketing efforts and ROI and tap into the interests of their audience through content marketing, search engine optimization, and digital advertising.

Being an FMCG digital marketing agency, Intent Farm offers comprehensive, goal-oriented digital marketing services for FMCG brands that sketch out a significant growth trajectory. With an objective-oriented approach and expert teams, we create a measurable impact.


We’ve already helped multiple FMCG brands scale their digital revenues via paid ads and SEO.

Digital display and shopping ads, social media ads, search engine optimisation, user-centric content marketing, and social media marketing are some of the most effective digital marketing channels to promote FMCG products.


We create bespoke marketing plans depending on the product basket and target audience.

Yes. We serve a global client base offering SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

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What is digital marketing for the FMCG Industry?

Digital marketing for FMCG brands refers to the marketing of consumer goods through digital channels. Digital marketing services for FMCG brands can help them boost brand awareness, attract new audiences, and build a strong brand image on the internet. FMCG’s digital marketing strategies help brands effectively target potential audiences and build a loyal customer base for their business.

The retail landscape of the FMCG industry has taken a sharp turn with the increased digitalisation of services. With online delivery of groceries & food items, people prefer buying from the comfort of their homes. Such increasing online demand and a digital shift in the FMCG industry, have bought many FMCG brands to build a strong online presence. The FMCG industry’s need to have an online presence has increased more than before since even a brief absence, now has the potential to bring new competitors into the game.

One of the most commonly faced challenges for the FMCG industry is to tackle the over-competitive market and create a distinct brand image. Marketing through social media and other digital channels has facilitated the utmost use of data, market research methods and audience demarcation that help FMCG companies to get in front of the right audience. Through digital marketing tactics, FMCG brands can inform and engage their target audience and garner qualified leads and sales.

Being an FMCG digital marketing agency, we at Intent Farm understand the immense potential of digital marketing strategies for FMCG brands. With an expert FMCG marketing team on board, we ensure your brand achieves set business targets via digital marketing channels. We ensure overall growth for your business by helping you optimise each of the following digital marketing channels for FMCG brands.

  1. Social Media Ads: Social media is the best place for an FMCG product to spread awareness and understand consumers’ perspectives about a product. Social media ads are an effective way to generate more leads for your business. Social media ads allow you to target a specific group of audiences and engage them. As an FMCG ad agency, we suggest creating compelling ad copies and visuals that create intrigue in the minds of your audiences and direct them to your website to know more about your brand. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube ads effectively help target your audience and boost brand awareness and recall value.

  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing): SEM is the right place to advertise your FMCG product and gain a top spot in search engines. Search engine marketing involves the use of paid ads to advertise your product on search engines. With audiences searching for FMCG products that you offer, SEM makes it possible to place your brand right in front of the audience who are searching for it. Search engine marketing techniques such as pay-per-click ads are a cost-effective way to generate high converting leads for your FMCG business. Running PPC ads and search ads with the help of an FMCG digital marketing company is one of the most effective ways to lure traffic to your website and drive sales. Intent Farm’s digital marketing strategy for FMCG brands is growth-oriented and having worked with 100+ brands, we know exactly what works right for FMCG digital marketing.

  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): SEO is an organic, free way of ranking your website at the top in the search engine result pages. However, SEO requires time and effort to yield results. It is essential to make your website SEO-friendly for it to rank on top. In-depth keyword research, optimising your website and content to rank for high intent keywords, and vital technical aspects of SEO for FMCG brands need to be taken care of. Intent Farm, being an FMCG SEO agency, provides SEO services with a holistic marketing approach and 100% white hat SEO to bolster your ranking on the search engine result pages.

Advantages of digital marketing for the FMCG sector

With so many competitors in the FMCG industry, the FMCG marketing team needs to constantly develop innovative ideas to promote its products. Similarly, an FMCG digital marketing company like Intent Farm incorporates various strategies to build your company’s digital presence. The digital age is more adept at buying food items and groceries online. Digital marketing services for FMCG brands help them create a brand essence and a dependable e-commerce website. In FMCG marketing, understanding people’s emotions is rudimentary for selling your product. As an FMCG digital marketing agency in India, Intent Farm helps your FMCG brand to connect with audiences online. This emotional connection not only sells your products but helps you build a loyal customer base.

Following are the benefits that you can garner with effective planning and strategising of your FMCG marketing efforts.

  1. Build A Unique Brand Essence: One of the toughest challenges for digital marketing in the FMCG sector is many comparable products. To dodge this problem of more supply than demand, FMCG brands need to create a unique essence and identity in the market. Being India’s leading FMCG digital ad agency, we’ve realised the potential of creating a strong online presence for FMCG brands and can help you gain an advantage over your competitors. With this unique branding, consumers get charmed into buying the product.

  2. Creative Approach To Showcase Your Brand: Creativity is always appreciated, whether in your marketing ads or products. Creatively showing your brand with your packaging or on a digital platform helps grab the consumers’ attention to lure them to your website and compel them to buy your product. Being an expert FMCG digital marketing agency, we understand this phenomenon and curate content, and target ad campaigns in such a way that you can attract more audiences to your e-commerce website.

  3. Increased ROI And Future Readiness: The noteworthy edge of digital marketing is that it’s very efficient and cost-effective. The total expenditure on digital marketing is way less than the traditional methods of marketing and yields a plethora of benefits as compared to traditional marketing methods. FMCG digital marketing, with its high ROI, gives local FMCG companies a chance to attract audiences from across the globe to their business. With minimal investments, FMCG brands can rigorously boost their ROI through digital marketing services for FMCG brands.

How can an FMCG digital marketing agency help your brand?

An expert FMCG digital ad agency understands the nooks and corners of all the digital marketing platforms and can help your brand to make the most out of your digital marketing spending. Intent Farm, being a holistic FMCG digital marketing agency in India, provides end-to-end FMCG digital marketing and SEO services that help your business grow exponentially.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness Through Social Media Ads: Social media has become the platform for obtaining consumers’ feedback about your products. Social media ads are a great way to engage with your target audience and gauge their response to your marketing strategies. Social media ads also help brands with enough campaign data and KPI tracking which can later be used to alter your FMCG digital marketing strategies. Consumer feedback also helps FMCG companies to consider making changes in their products and helps achieve brand awareness and visibility across different platforms. Social media ads also help drive referral traffic to your website which can further be led down the sales funnel, into successful conversions.

  2. On-point Advertising Using SEM: The paid promotions on the search engine platforms help generate high intent leads, which have the highest possibility of converting into a sale. Paid ads such as Google ads, and Amazon ads thus form a key part of FMCG brand’s digital marketing strategy. We at Intent Farm use keyword research to identify high-volume keywords in your niche and position these ads on search engines such that they get maximum click-throughs. We modify these ads from time to time depending on the requirements and obtain results to help you make the most of your FMCG digital marketing.

  3. Optimising SEO: SEO is an essential factor in ranking your website on search engine pages. FMCG businesses can increase their ROI in the long term by focusing on SEO. SEO helps boost visibility and enhance the credibility of your brand. Intent Farm, being an FMCG SEO agency in India, has a team of FMCG SEO experts who dedicate their time to planning content, keyword research, and its target audience. With regular SEO reports and Google Analytics assessments, we provide end-to-end SEO services for FMCG brands and help keep a track of your website’s SEO progress.