Generate leads with Full Funnel Advertising for Real Estate Brands

We create comprehensive digital funnels to attract, engage and convert prospects for Real Estate projects. We’ve generated 10,000+ leads already.

Challenges faced by Real Estate Brands

Real estate market has become super competitive due to online listing portals. With high spends on stagnating offline channels, Real Estate marketing is catching up slower to technology and new consumer trends.

Growing Online Competition

Growing popularity of listing portals and apps have limited the reach of brands via their own platforms. It is more difficult to present your brand and create impactful memories in prospect’s mind. And that’s where targeting the right audience plays a major role.

Uncontrollable Advertising Expenses

Most real estate brands focus on maximizing their reach. And that leads to an imbalance between advertising and revenue. Understanding the purpose of each marketing channel must be the first criteria to optimize advertising cost.

Unplanned Digital Strategies

A fast but unplanned digital shift impacts digital campaign strategies, as they require insights into consumer behaviour. This frequently leads to low impact across digital channels and poor recall.

Our Digital Ads & SEO Solutions

We create robust online presence for real estate brands. We create a long-lasting and measurable growth trajectory for brands to increase brand presence and customer acquisition online.

Google Search Ads

We utilise targeted Google Search Ads to find people who are already searching for a property in your target area. It helps us beat the online listing platforms while also generating the most high intent leads. We also use Google Display ads to create broad brand awareness and recall (much better than hoardings and radio).

Social Media

We create user-centric ad campaigns on social media platforms to drive powerful brand awareness amongst your focus location and target audiences. We also utilise retargeting ads to drive ensure once someone has engaged with us, we remain on the top of their mind.

Search Engine Optimization

We utilise SEO, most often Local SEO - to get your audience directly to you. You avoid your own audience going to an online listing platform and getting confused or wooed by others. If you have attracted the audience enough that they search for you - they should definitely direct connect with you - no more middle men.

20+ Brands | 500+ Campaigns Created

Growing diverse Real Estate brands

Intent Farm has partnered with diverse Real Estate brands to create full funnel brand awareness and lead generation campaigns.


Commercial Properties

We create campaigns to drive home high value leads for your commercial real estate projects.

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Residential Properties

We create stories that attract your target audience and then make them visit you. That's all you need in real estate anyway 🙂

Our Success Stories

eCommerce across categories is majorly dominated by Amazon and same was the case for this category. The brand was already doing pretty well on it’s own online store as well on Amazon but was behind Amazon for important search terms. We dominated the niche category via Search Marketing to rank above Amazon as well as improve returns on paid search marketing.

One of the earliest Indian eCommerce brands, they started operations across the Globe 18 years back. Over the years, their campaign performances & brand visibility started stagnating and they started losing share to new eCommerce brands. With focus on Search Marketing, we were tasked to regaining market share and setting the brand on a long term growth trajectory.

With over 7 years of being in the market and growing in retail, this snacks brand now wanted to increase it’s eCommerce revenues via their own website. With non-differentiated products like Dry Fruits & Fox Nuts the challenge was about growing while still being profitable. We increased online store revenues for the brand via Google Search Marketing while also increasing overall brand visibility and controlling cost.

50+ leading startups have accelerated their growth with Intent Farm.

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Results we’re proud of

We’re Intent Farm. Our years of experience in Search & Social Marketing lends us a significant edge and helps us win repeatedly.

25% reduction in CAC while increasing leads for an Overseas Education Brand via Google Search Ads & Local SEO.


Revenue Produced


Team Members

340% increase in brand visibility while increasing revenue for a Snacks Brand from Search Traffic.

80% increase in search impressions while increasing revenue for a Global Ayurveda Brand.

Ranked all focus keywords on Page 1 for a Conglomerate Brand Visibility in under 5 months.

80% increase in organic traffic on a big Puzzles & Toys eCommerce Platform. 25% increase in RoI.

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