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With 360-degree digital ads and SEO campaigns, we have helped the successful growth of SaaS brands across various sectors.


We have scaled various marketing technology brands through effective marketing and user-centric SEO campaigns.


Fintech SaaS marketing to make the brand sound less complex and more approachable.


Building sustainable lead pipelines for HR Tech products into recruitment, payroll, retention and more.


Including brands working on consumer apps and productivity apps.

Overcome the Challenges faced by SaaS Brands

Generate Sales Qualified Leads

Generating leads is easy these days but generating leads that your sales team enjoys talking to, is a major opportunity for SaaS brands.

Improve Organic Visibility

We improve organic visibility of your brand on Search platforms via content led SEO strategies and website authority building.

Improve Marketing ROI

We improve the ROI on your paid campaigns via tailored communication with your target personas and full funnel visibility.

Our Digital Ads and SEO Strategies

With a holistic SaaS growth marketing approach, we make sure to improve your brand’s visibility across various platforms and generate leads, increasing your conversion rate.

Google Sds

Google ads provide targeted visibility, while also improving brand recall and leading the potential customers down the sales funnel. Being present where the audience is looking out for you, is the best way to attract them to your brand.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads aid in engaging your prospects through the lead funnel. We create a targeted social media advertising campaign that improves social growth, higher social traffic, and quality lead generation.

Content Led SEO

As a SaaS digital marketing agency, we provide complete solutions for search engine optimisation including content, on-page and off-page SEO and technical SEO to drive sustainable, long-term brand visibility.

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Solid content marketing is vital in B2B SaaS marketing strategies to boost brand awareness. Through effective content marketing, SaaS businesses can educate their potential customers about the benefits of their offerings.


It also allows you to be present across the buying journey of your prospect and help them with specific answers to their queries through out the buying journey.

The most effective digital advertising channels for SaaS marketing include search ads, display ads, social media ads, paid content distribution, organic search optimisation and affiliate marketing.

Intent Farm offers comprehensive and in-depth, targeted marketing strategies that create a measurable impact. With a holistic approach towards the search and social advertising campaigns, we make sure you see visible brand growth.


We’ve already helped SaaS brands from multiple niches to grow their revenues right through customer acquisition, customer retention and life cycle management.

SaaS businesses are best marketed when you’ve gotten a clear understanding of your target personas and your competitive landscape. Typically SaaS niches are very competitive and hence being focussed on your USPs and target audience is the best way. Some of the proven effective SaaS marketing strategies include search engine optimisation, content marketing, product trials, referral marketing, paid advertisements, and retargeting.

Yes. We help brands across the globe via SEO and digital ads services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.

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What is SaaS digital marketing?

SaaS Digital Marketing refers to marketing B2B software-based products and services. SaaS companies sell intangible products and services, which makes it difficult for SaaS brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. Informing and educating the audience about the service and acquiring sales-qualified leads becomes challenging since the SaaS sales funnel is way more complex than the D2C sales funnel. It becomes vital for SaaS business marketing to establish a thought leadership position in the market.

Digital marketing allows SaaS businesses to leverage their visibility and improve brand awareness across a large audience base. SaaS businesses can utilise digital marketing channels to engage and inform their consumers. B2B SaaS marketing through various digital channels can ensure an easy and effective way of reaching out to their target audiences and leading them down the sales funnel. With effective SaaS product marketing strategies, SaaS businesses can sell their products and nurture their customers over time to drive subscription-based purchases.

How is SaaS marketing different?

Unlike direct-to-customer marketing, B2B SaaS businesses need to continually nurture their consumers to sustain themselves in the market. SaaS businesses can hardly drive impulse purchases. Instead, SaaS product purchase decisions are often influenced by a number of professionals which makes it even more difficult to drive a purchase. SaaS marketing experts thus need to assist consumers at every stage of the sales journey and lead them to a purchase decision. Increasing awareness about the product or service, and educating the audience about your brand, and your offering thus becomes the strongest pillar of a SaaS marketing strategy. A SaaS digital marketing agency helps SaaS businesses to tackle this very challenge of informing their customers and leading them to conversion. Having worked with 100+ brands, Intent Farm understands the challenges in SaaS marketing and has come up with effective, end-to-end digital ads and search engine optimization solutions for SaaS growth marketing.

Benefits of digital marketing for SaaS businesses

SaaS digital marketing, when done right yields numerous benefits. As a SaaS digital marketing agency, we offer customised digital marketing services for SaaS that help you gain the following benefits for your business from your digital marketing spending.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness: SaaS businesses need to offer a unique value proposition in order to attract customers and stand out from the crowd. Besides sharing their USPs, SaaS businesses need to equip their audience with all the possible information regarding their products and services. Digital marketing channels, particularly content marketing, and search engine optimisation help SaaS businesses drive brand awareness, and increase visibility across large audiences.

  2. Qualified Lead Generation: Effective use of digital marketing channels and services for SaaS brands ensure higher visibility and a strong online presence which eventually leads to lead generation. With your target audience aware and informed of your brand, steadily take a step down the sales funnel. Digital advertising channels also facilitate lead generation via referral and inbound traffic on your website. With a sustainable flow of leads, it becomes easier to track them down the sales funnel and nurture and convert leads into customers.

  3. Effective Communication: One of the most amazing benefits of digital marketing for SaaS companies is easy communication, interaction and engagement with potential customers. Digital marketing channels enable SaaS businesses to frequently and easily communicate with their audience, aid them in their purchase journey, and provide post-purchase services, and solutions. Digital channels make it easier for SaaS companies to resolve issues of their customers, and ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

  4. Build Long-Term Relationships: SaaS businesses can continually provide updates on their products and services to their costumes thus gaining their trust and keeping their interest in the service intact. This ensures a long-term relationship of customers with the brands of their choice, facilitating a long-term business opportunity.

How can a SaaS marketing agency help you boost RoI for B2B SaaS business?

It is important for SaaS businesses to stand out from the competition and convince their customers of the value they offer. Brand awareness and credibility form an effective factor in B2B SaaS’s digital marketing strategy. Being a SaaS digital marketing agency in India, we have closely studied the challenges faced by software companies offering software as a product and have leveraged multiple digital marketing channels to optimise ROI for your business.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO or Search Engine Optimisation plays a vital role in leveraging the brand awareness, visibility and credibility of your brand on the web. Search engine optimisation of your website ensures friendly interaction of your website with search engines and helps gain a higher ranking. A higher ranking translates to widened brand visibility. Since Google only ranks the best on top, your website ranking on top for high-value keywords automatically boots the credibility of your brand.

    Besides ensuring an SEO-friendly website, optimising your content for SEO is of utmost importance. SaaS content marketing goes hand in hand with search engine optimisation and has the ability to drive leads to your business through your website. While SEO brings in new traffic to your website, content marketing ensures the nurturing of these customers. Understanding your audience, and targeting high-intent keywords are some of the ways to craft an effective SEO and content marketing strategy. Being a SaaS digital marketing agency in India, we provide end-to-end SEO services for SaaS businesses that ensure sustainable, organic growth.

  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Search Engine Marketing uses paid methods of gaining a spot on the first page of Google search results. Google ads or pay-per-click ads help increase brand visibility and drive high intent leads. While SEO strategies help in obtaining organic traffic from search results, SEM helps in garnering high conversion rates. Search ads allow you to show up right in front of the customers who are already looking for the product or service you provide.

    SEO and SEM are intersecting SaaS digital marketing strategies that yield effective results. However, search engine marketing techniques give out one-time results as compared to SEO strategies that compound over time to show exponential growth. Being a SaaS digital advertising agency, we plan and optimise PPC campaigns that perfectly align with your SaaS marketing goal and help you make the most out of your SaaS advertising spending.

  3. Social Media Marketing: Social media ads such as Facebook and Instagram ads are yet another effective way to engage and interact with your target audience. Facebook and Instagram ads facilitate you with accurate audience segmentation and targeted marketing. Social media ads are also efficient in driving referral traffic to your website. Social media ads for B2B SaaS marketing can influence your target audience to click through the learn more button and visit your website to know more about your product or service. This in turn leads to increased brand awareness.

    At Intent Farm, we have Facebook ad management experts that ensure effective ad campaigns are strategised and executed aligning with your business goals. Being India’s leading SaaS digital marketing agency, we track the end-to-end digital marketing process for your business and ensure significant growth in your ROI. With comprehensive digital marketing and search engine optimization services for SaaS businesses, we set your brand on a growth trajectory.