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30-Second Summary

30-Second Summary

  • Importance of Reviews: Amazon reviews impact trust, legitimacy, and product presence.
  • Review Types: Text opinions and ratings (5-star boosts trust, lower hurts).
  • Review Credibility: Amazon values genuine reviews, bans fake or sponsored ones.
  • Product Ranking Impact: More positive reviews lead to higher rankings; Page 1 = 80% of purchases.
  • Best Sellers Rank (BSR): BSR indicates product sales compared to others; lower is better.
  • BSR Variation: BSR varies by Amazon marketplace (e.g., vs.
  • Improving BSR: Optimize product page, use clear photos, concise descriptions, and target keywords. Increase visibility with events, coupons, ads, and external traffic.

Amazon reviews are one of the most efficient ways to increase the number of conversions made by your company, as well as its legitimacy and overall presence in e-commerce. If you have very few reviews, or if the thoughts that you do have are unfavourable, it will be more difficult to persuade customers that your product is superior to those offered by other businesses. There are different types of Amazon reviews; the main classifications are:

Text-based feedback, usually comments, contains the user’s experience, including likes and dislikes. The reviewer can write freely about their product experience.

Online shoppers can swiftly make purchases by seeing a number or letter rating. Service-based websites may lean toward an A to F rating system, whereas product sites opt for a 1-10 scale, thumbs up vs. thumbs down, or basic “Pros” and “Cons” table. Shoppers get more scannable information in these formats.

5-star reviews:
5-star ratings enhance consumer confidence whereas
One- or two-star ratings do the opposite. This system is limited by reviewer inconsistency—a four-star rating to one person may be a three-star to another.


How do Amazon reviews impact your business?


amazon reviews image

Amazon ensures the credibility of reviews and has had a strict policy since its inception to ensure the credibility of its reviews. A study also found that Amazon’s algorithm, which ranks products in search results, takes product reviews and ratings into account.

Amazon has prohibited sponsored reviews, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining the quality of its reviews and products. Amazon also stated that if a seller is found directing fake or sponsored reviews and ratings, they will be barred from selling on Amazon.

It calls out competitive advantage. Customers may rely solely on reviews when choosing between your items and those of a rival to make a purchase decision. This is an opportunity for you to highlight a competitive edge.

Amazon reviews affect product ranking.

Highly rated products with greater conversion rates rank higher organically. It would be best to have more than generic “this product is good” feedback. Amazon and your consumers also consider rating recency and relevance.
You must continuously receive helpful evaluations from delighted buyers to prove to Amazon that you deserve Page 1, where 80% of purchases come from.

A high product rating on Amazon is a terrific method to boost sales since more potential customers will find your products when they search the site. One of the most influential and actionable things you can do to increase your conversion rates is to leverage existing traffic. A good listing can help you a lot, but only if you have the traffic to back it up. An Amazon ads agency will have the expertise to help you improve your Amazon product ranking.

Amazon ranks are classified into two types: Amazon Best Sellers Rank and Amazon Product Rank. Continue reading to learn how you can use both of them to your advantage.


Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)


An Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a number assigned to practically every product in its multi-million product catalogue after at least one sale. As a result, the BSR is a good measure of how well a product sells on Amazon.

The lower the BSR of a product, the higher its sales.

Remember that the BSR of a product may differ between Amazon marketplaces. For example, you may rank in the top 5 of a subcategory page on but lower on

On Amazon, the total BSR should represent how well the product is selling compared to other product listings. However, Amazon claims that it does not always disclose which things sell more than identical products. This is why they built the bestseller list by category and subcategory, making it simpler for vendors and consumers.

The BSR Amazon score for the product may be seen in the listing details section. Amazon displays a handful of the most popular subcategories by default for items with greater rank than other products in that subcategory. Seeking help from an Amazon ads management agency can help you increase your product’s best-seller rank quickly.


Here’s how you can use BSR on Amazon:


Best seller rank on amazon image

Improve Your Product Page


Maintain a professional product page with clear product photographs and detailed, concise, and easy-to-read product descriptions. Customers are more inclined to buy your product if your product page is good.

Improve the Product Title and Description

Amazon’s algorithms are updated regularly. Simple things like using character limitations for product titles and descriptions can make a big difference in Amazon’s search results.

Concentrate on other actionable items, such as increasing the visibility of your brand pages and product listings in Amazon’s search results. Take the time to learn about Amazon’s measurements. Ethical optimization principles help improve your product listing; investigating several Amazon SEO techniques is also beneficial; you can have an Amazon ads agency help you improve your best seller rank.

Product Rank on Amazon.


Amazon’s Best Seller Rank functions similarly to its organic Product Rank, and fine-tuning the two ranks could lead to significant success. Consistent daily sales determine Amazon’s Sales Rank. Being more deliberate with your product listing will always benefit your Amazon Product Rank.


Ways to Boost Your Amazon Product Ranking


Boost amazon product rank image

Make your product title perfect.

The product title is your product’s face and the first thing customers notice. It should not only be optimized according to the best SEO standards, but it should also fit what shoppers are seeking and immediately capture their attention.

Improve your product description.

The key to writing a great product description is to make your product sound distinct. Highlight any competitive differentiators as well as the primary pain issues that the product is designed to address. Don’t forget to include the target keywords as well.

Publicize your Amazon listing.

Increase traffic and sales to your product page to boost your Amazon Best Seller Rank. This can be accomplished by holding limited-time sales events, offering coupons, utilizing Sponsored Products advertisements, or attracting external visitors via Google Ads.




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