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30-Second Summary

30-Second Summary

  • ChatGPT achieved 100 million monthly users within two months of launch
  • Generative AI, popular in diverse sectors like education, healthcare, and ecommerce, offers probable outputs for queries
  • Google integrated generative AI into Performance Max Advertising, boosting ad performance
  • AI capabilities span creating and scaling assets, generating compelling copy, obtaining relevant data, and enhancing visuals
  • Particularly advantageous for small businesses, AI adapts ads based on queries, improving relevancy and visibility

ChatGPT reached over 100 million monthly active users within just two months of its launch. It set the record for one of the fastest-growing user bases.

Since then, we have seen AI pop up in every niche imaginable. Think about education, healthcare, SaaS, human resources, ecommerce, content creation, and architecture, and you’ll find AI features and products for the same.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Google has now integrated Generative AI within search ads. With marketing and sales reaching new heights with generative AI, this can be a boon for marketers all around the world.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence technology that can take raw data and generate probable outputs for your queries. For example, it can generate various types of content like images, text, audio, video, and synthetic data.

While this technology was first introduced in the 1960s in chatbots, it has become more popular recently because of the simplicity and efficiency of new user interfaces and upgrades that can produce high-quality text, graphics, and videos in a matter of a few minutes.

Generative AI image

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Apart from tools like ChatGPT and Bard, many other tools like Buffer, ecommerce portals, and even travel agencies have started adopting this technology to serve their users better.

How is Google bringing Generative AI to Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms in the world. It allows businesses of all sizes to build their online presence and reach consumers worldwide. But it also takes a lot of effort, time, and skills to get Google ad campaigns right. Otherwise, your money goes down the drain.

That’s why Google came up with new generative AI capabilities for its Performance Max Advertising product.

Here’s a description of what these AI capabilities can/are expected to do:

  • Create and scale assets: Based on your query and inputs like the landing page you’re targeting, the AI can suggest graphics for your Google ads. 

creating and scaling assets image

  • Create compelling copy: The AI can use your landing page and existing ads to create headlines and descriptions.

Creating compelling ad copy image

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  • Get relevant data for your ad campaigns: By simply adding a preferred landing page, Google AI can summarize the page and pull important data like effective keywords, ad copy, relevant screenshots or product images, etc.
  • Generate high-quality and non-duplicate images: The image generator creates new images by taking your query into consideration and remixing patterns learned from a wide collection of photos that are scraped from the web and other sources.
  • Enhance existing visual assets: This feature will be available in early 2024 to help companies try new creative concepts like removing existing backgrounds, generating new backgrounds for product images, increasing resolution, etc.

enhance existing ad copy image

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  • Take the help of AI-powered chat: You can ask the chat for suggestions, tips, and ideas to optimize your Google Ads campaign.

How will it benefit businesses?

Many marketers might have a question right now, “But can’t I use ChatGPT for generating ad content?” While you can, it’s not as refined as Google and does not understand the context, dynamics, policies, and results of Google ad campaigns like the platform does.

These AI capabilities will also help businesses adapt ads in relation to the searcher’s query. Google demonstrated this example in their blog post where the searcher typed “skin care for dry sensitive skin” in the search box.

AI automatically created a headline that went with the query.

compelling headline in google image

Image source

This can be a revolutionary step in helping marketers improve the relevancy of their ads and get more visibility.

One of the biggest sectors that will benefit from these capabilities is small businesses and startups, which might not have a full-scale team to work on marketing and advertising. 

By using Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI, Google can help these businesses not only save time but create ads that are more relevant, personalized, and creative, resulting in higher engagement and conversions.

Partnering with a proficient Google Ads agency ensures the optimal implementation of these technologies, maximizing the impact of ad creation for enhanced business outcomes. Not only that, these models are trained to look at past data on ad campaigns and analyze patterns to give relevant recommendations, which generally takes teams a lot of time and resources.

You can also easily adapt to changing market trends, user preferences, and search behaviors to keep your ads up to date.


We are amidst the greatest revolution in the history of Google Ads. With generative and conversational AI, businesses have a lot of opportunities to make the best of these features and create unique and effective campaigns that resonate with users.

While these features may not initially work as great as the platform says they do, one thing’s for sure – with more improvements and modifications on the way, these features could become advanced like never before.

We can no longer underestimate the power of AI, and instead of thinking of it as competition, it’s time we find out how to utilize it in our business and to what extent.

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