How to optimise your website for E-E-A-T?

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Google has always been spot-on when it comes to user experience and user journeys on a website. From introducing core web vitals as ranking signals to natural language processing algorithms Google has always ranked sites that are most useful and relevant to its users. One of the many factors that can boost your website’s rank in search results is Google E-E-A-T SEO.

E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google E-E-A-T deals with the quality and reliability of content you host on your website, and hence proves to be an important aspect to take care of for SEO.

What is E-E-A-T and what makes it important for SEO?​

What is E-E-A-T and what makes it important for SEO?

Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness are all important considerations that determine a webpage’s quality. These 4 factors help search engines to determine the overall quality of a webpage and push it up in rankings. Being an SEO agency in India, we have grown to understand that besides the technical SEO aspects that directly impact on the search rankings, Google E-E-A-T allows businesses with higher credibility to rank up in front of users.

For example, the Experience factor takes into consideration the customer reviews for your product or service. Are the reviews genuine? Do they come from real customer experiences? If yes, it acts as a positive factor for your ranking.

Next comes Expertise. Google takes into consideration your expertise on a given topic. With the content that you host on your website, Google determines if you hold an extensive experience and expertise in your niche and reflects it into your rankings.

With expertise comes authoritativeness. A lever higher than expertise, establishing your authority across a topic sets you apart from the competition.

Trustworthiness assesses the reliability of your content. If users on your site take actions that you ask them to, Google considers your site trustworthy and reliable.

Now that we know E-E-A-T influences ranking, let us see 6 ways in which you can optimise your website for E-E-A-T.

6 Best practices that can help you win at E-E-A-T

While E-E-A-T is not the only thing that can get your site on the #1 rank, it does help businesses to boost their potential to rank in the top positions. Deploying effective strategies to build and boost experience, expertise, authority and trust across your site can help you a great deal in raking.

Enlisted below are 6 best practices that can help you win at E-E-A-T over time.

1. Original data

Hosting authentic, original data on your website boosts the credibility of the information you are trying to convey. Original content has the power to attract and capture the target market. Creating people-first content that answers the questions users might have is the key to attracting the intended audience and improving user experience.

Offering useful content that demonstrates first-hand expertise, and is focused on the purpose of delivering value can definitely help you see site ranking improvement. The key to success is to create people-first content that pleases the search engines, rather than solely creating search-tailored content just to gain rankings.

Original data

2. Custom images

Make use of engaging visuals and images on your website. People are receptive to visual information. Creating custom images and infographics that help the readers visualise the concept can help improve the page experience. Custom images are also a great opportunity for businesses to engage leads and help them take the desired action.

Here’s how you can make the most out of custom images on your website:

  1. Keep them relevant to the user
  2. Use original images.
  3. Avoid using stock photos
  4. Don’t just use photos, support them with short and crisp informative text
  5. Create easy-to-understand infographics
  6. Consider cropping or rescaling as per the space requirement
  7. Use high-quality images
  8. Avoid using blurred, unclear images
  9. Optimise the file size for easy loading of the images
  10. Optimise images for SEO

3. Video content

Besides making it easy for your readers to consume information, adding videos to your website helps improve its visibility. Videos are a creative way to get your message across and humanize your brand. Adding custom videos to your website also comes with an added SEO advantage.


You can drive traffic to your website by optimising certain elements such as titles and descriptions of your videos. However, you need to take care of the website load speed when adding videos to your website. Make sure you add relevant, low-sized videos in the second or third fold of the website, such that they don’t harm your core web vital parameters.

Video content

4. Links to related content

Ensure proper internal as well as external ranking on your website. Add links to related content on and off your site. Google follows links on your website to discover content.


Strong internal linking helps improve the crawl ability of your site and improves the authenticity, authority and credibility of your content. Besides building relevance and relationship between your content, links allow Google to discover the most valuable content on your site and mark it as relevant.

5. Case studies and business insights

Case studies are an excellent way for businesses to feature their past work, skill and expertise. Providing insights into your way of working, processes, and the results you drive with your expertise can help new leads make informed decisions.

Case studies and insights on your website give visitors the strongest pieces of evidence and proof of your work and help them determine if they want to associate with you. Instead of letting customers wonder what you do and how case studies help you build authority and showcase your expertise. 

Case studies and business insights

6. Author section

Introducing an author section on your website helps readers understand where the information is coming from. Any information provided by an industry expert is considered to be of the highest credibility, leveraging the trust factor of your website. You need to make sure your authors are qualified as reputed authors or content creators since author authority can influence your ranking.

Google ensures to verify the biographical information about your authors through various sources. It is thus advised to add social links to your author’s social media sites. Ensure adding author profile links to the blog posts you publish on your site to get the most benefit out of this section.


Google heavily uses E-E-A-T as its Search Quality Rater parameters and thus these can massively influence your search rankings. While there are multiple ways in which you can leverage the experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your website, implementing the above-listed strategies can largely help you build the base of your SEO strategy.

With E-E-A-T parameters, you not only build your authority with Google but also trust your potential prospects and drive potential business through your website. These E-E-A-T tactics are sure to get you a long way in growing your business. So what makes you think? Being a digital ads agency, we can help you with on-point SEO strategies that can help you drive sustainable growth for your business. Need help with your E-E-A-T SEO strategies? Write to us and we shall get right back to you!

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