Intent Farm Wins Best SEO Marketing Campaign Award at India Digital Awards

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“First things first: you really need to enjoy making content, and you have to be consistent. Easiest way to do that is to zone in on what you like and your unique perspective; evolve your content as your preferences change.”- Ashley Villa
(YouTube Creator, @bestdressed)

We are overjoyed to announce our most recent triumph in dominating the SEO world. At the prestigious India Digital Awards powered by IAMAI (the leading Internet and Mobile Association of India), Intent Farm won the Best SEO Marketing Campaign Award. This is super gratifying and motivates us to deliver even better result oriented SEO projects to our clients.

This project was for RoboCraze – a D2C brand in the Robotics and Electronics category. We delivered significant growth to the brand – bringing them from 8th position to the 3rd position wrt to overall Organic Traffic in this category.

Utilising Creative and Innovative Solutions

To achieve results, our marketing team used creative and innovative solutions, such as optimising the website based on competitor strategies and using search intent patterns to improve keyword rankings. We even deployed web stories to reach a wider audience and put in place a content strategy to identify and address missing keyword instances with high search potential

Astounding Results in Just 11 Months

We were able to achieve amazing results in just 11 months thanks to our laser-focused approach. We saw a 6x increase in organic sessions, rising from 10,775 in January 2022 to a whopping 63,269 by December 2022. We also have 90+ keywords in the featured snippet (answer box), 99 keywords at the top, and 350 keywords in the top three.

A True Symbol of Digital Excellence

The India Digital Awards, by IAMAI is the most prestigious award in India, honouring the best in the industry and recognising organisations, teams, and practitioners who have achieved successful business outcomes through the use of digital as a medium. Winning this award is a true symbol of digital excellence, recognising our outstanding performance and boosting our morale.

Enhancing Visibility and Boosting Morale

This award not only recognises our exceptional performance, but it also increases our visibility in the industry. We are pleased to continue providing excellent SEO services and delivering outstanding results for our clients.

We are grateful to our clients for putting their trust in us and to the India Digital Awards for recognising our accomplishments. At Intent Farm, we are dedicated to dominating the digital world and assisting businesses in succeeding.

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