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30-Second Summary

Did you ever feel that timing is important? Well, knowing when to act may increase your success in this unstoppable world of ours. 

Imagine this: you see the ideal moment and you use it to shout your brand out. Moment marketing is all about taking advantage of those golden possibilities and turning them into successful businesses. 

In simpler terms, seizing the moment and advertising your brand through it can be constructive.

Now what is Moment Marketing? 

Moment marketing is the art of capitalizing on current events, trends, or cultural moments to create timely and relevant marketing content. It involves quickly identifying opportunities to connect your brand with a popular topic or happening, and then producing content that resonates with your audience in that specific moment.

The best examples of moment marketing come from brands like Amul, who have been creating clever, humorous ads tied to current events for decades. Other successful moment marketing campaigns have come from brands like KitKat, who seized the opportunity to promote their “have a break” messaging during the long wait for Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking skydive.

Moment marketing is about more than just being reactive, however. It can also involve planning and setting up the ability to quickly create and publish relevant content when the right moment arises. This could include using dynamic QR codes that allow customers to take immediate action, like booking a hotel room or purchasing products featured in media.

The key to effective moment marketing is understanding your audience, monitoring trends, and having the agility to produce content that authentically connects your brand to the cultural moment. When done well, moment marketing can drive engagement, boost brand awareness, and create a sense of excitement and relevance around your products or services.

Whether it’s a viral meme, a phenomenon, or breaking news, moment marketing allows brands to join the conversation and meaningfully engage with customers.

This type of marketing is used to create high-quality campaigns that are relevant and extremely engaging.

How Important is Moment Marketing?

As a strategy that capitalizes on real-time and relevant cultural moments and timely events, Moment Marketing has a lot of benefits:

Increased Engagement: 

Moment Marketing can be an advantage to the brands, especially when done on time and for relevant events. It can help brands connect with a wider audience and increase engagement and overall interest in the brand.

Increased Visibility & Wider Reach: 

With the interest being covered, as a brand that wants to talk about trending topics and events, moment marketing can help increase visibility and reach wider, newer audiences.

Increased ROI: 

Moment marketing can put the brand on the map when done well and relevantly. And with enhanced visibility, it can bring in more awareness, and sales and can be a big help to increase brand awareness.

Improved Customer Loyalty: 

Moment Marketing can show that the brand is aware of current events and has a reaction to its surroundings. It helps create a better brand image, resulting in more improved loyalty by the customers. 

Improved Flexibility & Creativity: 

It allows the brand to be more flexible and creative with how it understands and perceives the trending moment and how it associates itself with ongoing trends.

Though very popular and currently a moment in itself, Moment marketing has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Moment Marketing:


  • Real Time-Engagement: Moment marketing allows brands to interact with customers in real-time, creating a feeling of relevancy and immediacy.
  • Improved Visibility: Brands can expand their audience and raise their profile by capitalizing on popular subjects and occasions.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception: A brand might be perceived as more culturally aware and audience-responsive when moment marketing initiatives are executed well.


  • Risk of Upsetting: Moment marketing moves quickly, so if it’s not done carefully, there’s a chance of unintentionally upsetting or alienating audiences.
  • Limited Shelf Life: Moment marketing initiatives are inevitably linked to particular occasions or fads, therefore their longevity is limited. To be relevant, brands need to keep an eye on things and adjust as needed.
  • Resource-intensive: It takes a lot of resources and fast turnaround times to produce content on time, which isn’t always possible for companies.

With all the pros and cons taken into consideration, here are the 6 examples of brands that are kicking it out of the park with their Moment Marketing strategies, and here’s why they work:

6 Examples of Brands Moment Marketing Strategies:

  • Amul:

The iconic Indian dairy brand, Amul, is renowned for its witty and timely topical ads. Amul has been using Moment Marketing for decades, their Utterly Butterly creatives, though previously only seen in Newspapers and on Billboards, are now Social Media, popularly on Twitter and Instagram. 

Amul has taken advantage of the recent news regarding IPL women’s Royal Challengers Bangalore’s historic win in the game.

Or Poking fun at the Gokhale Bridge – Barfiwala Flyover Misalignment

These are a couple of great examples of Amul’s hyper-awareness and creativity as a moment marketing strategy.

  • Netflix:

Netflix’s marketing strategy is data-driven, personalized, and centered on the customer’s needs. Through the decades, Netflix has taken many different marketing approaches. Now, with moment marketing, they have used current events, occasions, and trends to promote their streaming services.

Using “moment marketing,” Netflix uses occasions and current events to advertise its streaming service.

For instance, Netflix used social media to draw viewers’ attention to its movies and shows by sharing snippets of scenes or moments with engaging captions during Father’s Day and showcasing a list of TV/Movie dads that are loved by people everywhere.

During the promotions of the viral sensation, Netflix show Squid Games, Netflix did a campaign of playing a friendly ‘Red light-Green Light’ game from the show at Sydney Harbour with the normal public. Creating a buzz and making the show a lot more popular.

  • Zomato: 

The marketing campaigns for Zomato are yet another excellent illustration of moment marketing. Zomato effectively utilizes the potential of unique events and occasions, placing it well ahead of its rivals in creating social media campaigns.

The hashtag #OrderForMom campaign from Zomato was a hit.

Zomato’s love for Classic and popular TV shows is always seen through their Instagram and Twitter creatives, creating a buzz for the shows, while affiliating the brand funnily and creatively.

Zomato’s campaign during ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, with Zomato Brand Ambassador Ranveer Singh and Cricketer Chris Gayle received a lot of traction for the brand, specifically for the Tagline: “Ab Zomaito-zomahto nahi, India-Indiaaa karne ka time hai”. Making the campaign a very successful ad during the World Cup season.

  • Fevicol:

Fevicol, the adhesive brand known for its strong bonds, showcased its wit and creativity during the Euro Conference in June 2021, Footballer Ronaldo and the Coca-Cola incident. The main goal of the campaign was to capture the moment with a creative graphic and make a clever brand connection to the event in this ad.

Fevicol on Twitter also participates in ongoing trends, making a connection with the followers. Giving insights, and keeping the tone of the brand light and easy. For example, this Orry meme shown below was an instant hit and went viral. 

Fevicol also tries to spread awareness through its social presence, still keeping the tone of the brand fresh and creatively funny. This Instagram creative from the National Road Safety Week in January, shows examples of Unsafe travel practices in India, with a twist in its own famous Tagline: “Fevicol ka Jod”.

  • Oreo: 

Oreo has mastered the art of moment marketing, particularly on social media platforms. During the 2023 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, they made a series of ads with MS Dhoni with a tagline – “Oreo bola mat bol,” this ad series is a joint venture to hush the billions of cricket-crazy fans before the World Cup to prevent jinxes.

Oreo in collaboration with Farhan Akhtar, has come up with a campaign, cutting-edge AI Texts, and a Voice Engine that assists you in getting over your smart blues and transforming dull situations into enjoyable.

  • Spotify 

Spotify often taps into cultural moments and trends to engage with its audience. During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, they created personalized playlists based on users’ listening habits, offering a sense of comfort and escapism during uncertain times. And since Spotify Wrapped is the most awaited trend every year, engaging millions of its users.

The Spotify campaign emphasizes how music affects a listener’s mood. Showing how music can be a perfect companion to your every mood.


Moment marketing is a powerful tool Brands can tap into, encourage interaction, and improve their image by utilizing current events and trends. With creativity, adaptability, and an acute understanding of audience sentiments, moment marketing campaigns can be successful. Moment marketing will continue to be a useful tactic for establishing strong connections and maintaining relevance in the eyes of customers as firms negotiate the always-evolving marketing environment.

As we have seen from the examples mentioned above, brands that can implement moment marketing successfully can stand out from the competition, increase their social media engagement, and build stronger brand loyalty over time. Intent Farm – Digital Marketing Agency is equipped with marketing experts to help the brand increase its visibility and make an impact on the overall growth of the brand to conquer the market with a simple moment.

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