Sowing the Seeds of Success: Learn how Intent Farm became a Google Premier Partner

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Google Ads is a vast and complex digital landscape, and navigating it requires a high level of skill and expertise. To recognize and reward advertising agencies that have demonstrated exceptional performance and expertise in managing Google Ads campaigns, Google established the Digital Partner program.

At the very top of this program sits the pinnacle of partnership: Google’s Premier Partner status.

So, how did Intent Farm become a Google premier partner? If you’re wondering how to become Google’s Premier Partner, take a closer look at the essential ingredients that helped us cultivate our way to success and become Google’s Partner.


Solid Performance: The Foundation

The foundation of any successful campaign is solid performance. To become a Google’s premier partner, your agency needs to demonstrate a strong history of successful Google Ads campaign management. 

This includes high client retention and satisfaction rates, as well as a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for your clients. 

Think of it as cultivating a crop that not only yields abundant fruit but also tastes sweet and satisfying.

Diverse Client Base: Variety is the key

To become Google’s partner, your agency needs to show that it has a diverse client base. This means working with clients from a wide range of industries and sectors, and managing campaigns across multiple campaign types and formats.

By showing that you can deliver results across a diverse range of clients and campaigns, you demonstrate your agency’s versatility and adaptability

Global Reach: Think Big

Another important factor in becoming a Google premier partner is global reach. While it’s certainly possible to achieve premier partner status by focusing on a specific region or market, having a global reach can significantly boost your chances. 

This means working with clients from different countries and managing campaigns in multiple languages. 

By showing that you can navigate the complexities of global campaigns, you demonstrate your agency’s ability to think big and cultivate success on a global scale.

Expertise and Certification: Specialisation - The secret sauce

In addition to demonstrating solid performance, a diverse client base, and global reach, your agency also needs to have a high level of expertise and certification. 

This means having a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are certified in Google Ads and other relevant areas, such as analytics and mobile advertising. 

By specialising in these areas, you demonstrate your agency’s ability to cultivate success through expertise and knowledge.

The Benefits of Google premier Partner Status

So, what are the benefits of becoming a Google premier partner? First and foremost, it’s a badge of honour and a recognition of your agency’s hard work and expertise.

 It also comes with a range of benefits, including exclusive access to Google training and support, early access to new features and products, and a dedicated Google representative to help you with any issues or challenges you may encounter. 

And of course, being a Google Premier Partner can significantly boost your agency’s credibility and reputation, helping you attract new clients and grow your business.

In essence, becoming a Google premier partner is no easy feat, but with the right ingredients and practices, it’s definitely achievable. 

How did Intent Farm become Google’s Premier Partner?

We worked tirelessly to achieve the key ingredients needed to become a Google Premier Partner – global reach and expertise and certification. We expanded our reach across multiple countries and languages.

We anyway focus very heavily on our team’s skills and that paid rich dividends as well. We invest 50 hours monthly on trainings at Intent Farm and hence all of our team members are certified on Google Ads which helps in the recognition. Finally, our hard work and dedication paid off, and we achieved the ultimate accolade – Google’s Premier Partner status. It was a badge of honour that cemented our reputation as one of the top advertising agencies in the world, and we were proud to wear it.


Most agencies take years to achieve this status and reach this milestone. Intent Farm completed this journey in a mere 15 months and that makes us the fastest Indian Agency to reach Google Premier Partner status. While 2022 was the first year of this recognition for us, we also successfully renewed our status in 2023 owing to our continuous improvement in performance and client base.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have gained exclusive access to Google training and support, early access to new features and products, and a dedicated Google representative to help us with any issues or challenges we encountered.

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