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30-Second Summary

30-Second Summary

  • Target ROAS Overview: Automated bidding strategy for Google Ads, calculates user search value.
  • Benefits for App Campaigns: Targets high-conversion, high-value users; boosts in-app purchases and pre-registrations.
  • Overall Impact: Maximises app usage, saves time and money, optimizes ad spend.
  • Game-Changing Features: Easy tracking with Google Analytics, less effort for personalised ads, significant cost savings, and replaces manual ad group testing.
  • Simplified Management: Ideal for agencies and freelancers, simplifies app campaign management for optimal results.


What is Target ROAS?


Target roas smart bidding strategy

Google Ads has introduced a new ad campaign targeting feature known as Target ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), falling under Google’s smart or automated bidding strategy. This innovative bidding approach empowers digital ads agencies to optimize returns by assessing the potential value of user searches.

With Target ROAS bidding, the system automatically determines the most effective bid amount for optimal returns. For instance, if Target ROAS identifies a search query with high conversion and value potential, it automatically places a competitive bid on that specific search term. This strategic automation enhances the efficiency of Google Ads campaigns for agencies seeking better results.

Similarly, when Target ROAS bidding sees that your strategy might generate a low conversion value on that search, it automatically bids lower. Now with Target ROAS bidding, your bids are optimised automatically for every auction. A Digital ads agency can use Target ROAS bidding for single campaigns or as a portfolio for multiple campaigns. Agencies can apply conversion value rules and set individual values for the conversions you want to track. These Digital ads agencies can lock in various factors like customers, location, and devices to reach a high-value user.

With Target ROAS bidding, agencies can easily direct targeted ads towards users who they think have high conversion value. For Digital ads agencies to use Target ROAS bidding, there are different criteria for different types of campaigns:



What are App Campaigns?

To make your app more accessible to paying users, app advertising agencies run various App Campaigns. Digital ad agencies streamline these app campaigns to make promoting on various google platforms Search, Google Play, the Google Display Network, Discover on Google search, and Youtube. The app campaigns are not separately designed for Google ads; instead, text, images, videos such assets from the app store’s listing are used to craft ads for various formats.

Digital ads agency starts your app campaign by zeroing in on all the factors captivating text, Budget bidding, language, and locations for your ads. Here, the fun part is that the ad agencies can use Target ROAS bidding for your seamless process. There are various types of app campaigns in app promotion itself:


1. App Installs:


App installs for target roas bidding

Here, the focus is around encouraging people to install your apps. To help you get the best value out of each download, Google ads enable Target ROAS bidding for optimising and targeting valued users for your app.


2. App Engagement:


App campaigns can help remarket to the customers who’ve installed your app for encouraging in-app purchases. To spread your ads across various Google platforms, Target ROAS bidding starts its automated process to enhance in-app purchasing users.


3. App Pre-registration:


App pre-registration image

To create awareness about your app or to build excitement for games, pre-registration is done. Making your app or game available via pre-registration helps set up your app campaigns before the game release and land them on the pre-registration page. Target ROAS bidding helps find the right audience for your pre-registration and within your decided budget.


How does an App Campaign impact your app’s progress?


For an app to work, it should reach the right audience at the right time. Such awareness about the app needs to be created. Hence, App Campaigns play a pivotal role in the progress of your app. Below are listed some other benefits of App Campaigns:


1. Increase Engagement


Increase engagement by target ROAS bidding strategy

When you have spent thousands on creating your app to get some returns, you will definitely boost user engagement. Agencies can achieve the desired engagement for your app by adopting a Target ROAS bidding strategy, which will help increase the conversion rate.


2. Time is Money


Rather than spending all your time marketing your app for your targeted audience. With the use of app campaigns automated by Target ROAS bidding, you can save time and money on promoting your app.


3. Optimised Ad Spend


Optimise ad spent on google ads

No matter the reputation of the digital ad agency, there is still that fear in people’s minds about whether their money is spent optimally. By using automated strategies such as Target ROAS bidding, you can set the boundaries on your ad spend and monitor it at any given point in time. You just have to connect your Google Analytics and Google Ads.


Why is Target ROAS a game changer?


Target ROAS is a boon to freelancers and digital advertising agencies, as it’s easier to track campaigns for one particular brand/app. Your Google Analytics and Google Ads are connected to one another for using Target ROAS bidding strategy. The effort required to put in for personalised curated ads for your app campaigns is less in using Target ROAS, and the majority of the heavy lifting is done by Google, which tries the combination of various assets like text snippets, images, and videos. Keep in mind that Google’s system will look at the history of conversion data and require a healthy amount of data to run Target ROAS to optimise for in-app conversions.

You save money majorly in the bidding process with Target ROAS, and earlier ad groups were used to compare your ads for their creative performance. With some tweaks, you would get your ad that would give the best results. But now Google does everything for you. This is the reason why Target ROAS is a game changer and will be adopted by many professionals over time.




App Campaigns are a lot better, smarter, and faster now. To generate a healthy app engagement, you must add app campaigns to your advertising strategies. Though app campaigns are new for professional PPC advertisers, it is the right time to get accustomed to using them.

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