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We provide all-inclusive Shopify SEO services that drive full-scale organic growth on your Shopify website. With effective keyword research, content planning, on-page, off-page SEO, and monthly report and analytics, we help you create a measurable impact.

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Organic traffic on your Shopify website leads to a sustainable flow of qualified leads. However, driving direct traffic on your website is easier said than done. Having done it for 100+ brands, we exactly know what works right for your Shopify business.


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Keywords Ranked #1


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Monthly Planning & Reporting

Content Planning

Content lies at the core of an effective SEO strategy. We provide effective content mapping and benchmarking services for Shopify SEO.

On-Page & Technical SEO

Robust on-page and technical SEO strategies for Shopify are employed to ensure intensive growth for your e-commerce business.

Off-Page SEO

With a holistic off-page SEO approach for the Shopify website, we build your website’s authority via backlinks, guest posting, outreach-based backlinks and more.

Analytics & Reporting

Tracking the growth and performance of the deployed SEO strategies for Shopify websites helps us understand newer growth opportunities.

Real SEO Growth Wins.

Incredible experience. The team has done a stupendous job in making sure they give us the right solutions for our digital needs. On behalf of and Rohit Srivastava a big thank you to the entire team. We look forward to a long association with this company.
Chavan Krishna
Marketing Head, India Charts
Even in a short amount of time, we've seen major growth in our results! Right from improving our website authority to content plan to actually fixing the user journeys across all our funnels - these guys have taken our SEO campaign to the absolute next level. Organic growth is already visible.
Bhaktawar K
Founder, Inspirus education

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FAQs for SEO Services

Shopify platforms come with various SEO-friendly features that enable Shopify store owners to get higher rankings and greater brand visibility. When strategised and planned effectively, SEO for Shopify works wonders in growing your business.
WordPress is one of the most trusted CMS with ease of interaction for its users. WordPress makes it easier for beginners to optimise their websites for search engines. However, besides choosing and installing the right plugins, WordPress websites need accurate SEO audit and optimisation to rank on the top search results on Google.
Besides choosing the right SEO plugins for your WordPress website, you need a WordPress SEO expert to ensure that your website levels up on the Google search rankings. Higher rankings aid in increased organic traffic and sustainable lead generation and amplify brand reach and visibility resulting in higher conversion rates which ultimately enhance the growth of your brand.
Optimising a WordPress website includes numerous tactics, including on-page and off-page SEO optimisation techniques, which are not fully covered by WordPress SEO plugins. An expert WordPress SEO agency, on the other hand, can perform an in-depth SEO audit on your WordPress website and can help you track the success of your WordPress SEO efforts.
Improving the SEO rankings for your WordPress website involves a lot of factors, including effective keyword and competitor research benchmarking, content mapping, URL structures, meta titles and descriptions, and optimising your website for on-page and off-page SEO. With an expert WordPress SEO team on board, we ensure you get the full-suite WordPress SEO services in one place.
Yes, every WordPress website does need an SEO plugin. Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is by far the best SEO plugin that simplifies a few of the complex SEO elements and allows you to optimise your website for search engines.

Drive more revenue for your business through increased organic traffic and sales qualified leads through effective Shopify SEO strategies.

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What is SEO for Shopify?

SEO for Shopify is a way to enhance your search engine rankings with SEO tools specialised for Shopify’s website. SEO for Shopify, when done right, makes it easier for you to plan content and make it SEO-friendly. Shopify is an eCommerce website builder that helps merchants build an online retail business from numerous platforms. You can set up and sell through mobile, pop-up shops and online marketplaces.

Shopify is the most popular platform for retail businesses. While it is important to build an intuitive eCommerce website, eCommerce Shopify businesses need to ensure that they are visible on the web. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for the Shopify website helps your website rank on the top search engine results, thus leveraging your brand awareness and visibility.

How can Shopify SEO help?

The customisation provided by the Shopify website builder helps create an attractive website where you can sell products. With increasing competition in the eCommerce industry, it has become important for businesses to create and enhance their online presence. Right SEO optimisation can help your Shopify website to gain increased organic traffic, brand visibility and awareness across the web.

Shopify SEO can have a great impact on your eCommerce business. With an increasing number of people turning to online shopping, the eCommerce industry has seen a digital shift; it is important for Shopify websites to ensure a steady flow of traffic and leads onto its website to sustain the hypercompetitive market. Search engine optimisation for Shopify websites helps businesses gain high-quality organic traffic. SEO for Shopify, when done right, yields numerous benefits that ultimately drive business growth and higher ROI for eCommerce businesses.

Why choose Shopify as your eCommerce website?

  • Highly Customisable Website: Shopify offers many customisation options, making it easier to choose Shopify as your eCommerce website. Customisation allows you to optimise your website’s design basis keyword research and competitor website analysis. You can choose to form a variety of themes, the design and technical aspects that suit your business the best. Besides effective, easy-to-manage themes, Shopify also offers SEO tools which come in handy while optimising your website for SEO.

  • Effortless Administration: Shopify allows easy and effective administration of your website. Shopify offers tools to administer your eCommerce store through a dashboard. The dashboard gives you real-time updates on inventory information and tracks your sales record. Besides, integrating Google Analytics and search console with your Shopify website helps Shopify SEO experts track the progress of SEO efforts.

  • High Website Security: Shopify eCommerce builder offers a highly secure platform for an eCommerce business. Highly secured websites are often ranked higher on Google search results. Using Shopify for your eCommerce store gives you an advantage over your competitors. Through robust, secured payment platforms, Shopify ensures the high security of your website.
Factors affecting your Shopify website’s ranking:

While Shopify offers a variety of SEO benefits for your eCommerce business, it is necessary to optimise the following factors that affect the SEO rank of your Shopify website.

  • Responsive Pagespeed: Your page needs to be responsive to rank higher on search engine results. The contents on your website should load fast, and a fast-loading page is considered more optimised. A fast-loading page depends on the theme of your Shopify website, and while selecting your theme, you should pick an SEO-friendly and highly responsive theme. Being Shopify SEO experts, we at Intent Farm ensure your website loads faster and give you an upper rank in the search results.

  • Organised Web Structure: With a well-organised structure, navigating your pages’ content becomes more effortless. Being a Shopify SEO agency, we maintain a proper hierarchy of categories and subcategories of your product pages.. Besides effectively structuring your eCommerce website, it is important to submit an XML sitemap that helps Google coral and index the priority pages on the website.

  • Thorough Keyword Research: For any business, it is important to perform thorough keyword research and benchmark your site’s architecture effectively. For Shopify SEO in particular, it is necessary to carry out in-depth high intent keyword research and plan your content such that it ranks #1 for the target set of keywords. As a Shopify SEO agency in India, we use various keyword research, and content planning tools such as Google Search Console is one and ensure your website ranks on top for the targeted keyword.

  • Having A Separate Page Title And Meta Description: While optimising the website, it is a must to have an engaging title and meta description to lure audiences to get on the website and buy your product. As a specialist Shopify agency, we recommend having a different title and meta description for every page that has the capacity to compel the audience to click through your content. This ultimately leads to increased CTR and organic traffic on your eCommerce website.

  • Optimising Images: Images on a Shopify website are essential as the buyer decides to buy a product by looking at the picture. The alt tags on the image are also important as it helps your website in Google image ranking. Descriptive alt tags, image captions, and meaningful file names help Google understand the purpose of the image on your Shopify website and rank your website higher in image search.

  • Removing Duplicate Content From The Website: Duplicated content gets marked as plagiarised when Google crawls your website. It is thus very important to remove any duplicate content from your website. Besides, having the same domain name as that of your competitors too calls for the problem of duplication. Shopify enables you to have a customised domain name and can help remove any content from your website that appears to be duplicated or copied.

  • Optimising Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to elements that don’t include the content of your Shopify website. In technical SEO, you optimise your files that a crawler would scan for ranking your website. Your website needs to be easily and effectively crawlable Certain technical Shopify SEO elements such as XML sitemap, schema markups, image sitemap, and URL need to e optimised in order to rank your website on the top search results. Besides these elements, the content on your Shopify website should have proper heading tags, canonical tags and canonicalisation.
How does a Shopify SEO agency help improve your rank?

A Shopify SEO agency can help leverage your brand awareness and visibility by ranking your Shopify website in the top search results. An expert Shopify SEO agency in India can help you optimise your website with regard to all the factors that can affect the ranking of your website. Intent Farm, being a leading agency for SEO for Shopify, helps you in planning and executing end-to-end SEO campaigns for your Shopify business. With full-suite SEO for Shopify websites, we help you with the following SEO services for Shopify websites.

  • Content Planning: Creating high-quality content is crucial for your Shopify business as it affects the ranking of your website. Being a Shopify SEO agency, we help you pinpoint your target audience and create accurate content for them. Through in-depth keyword mapping and content planning, we ensure you rank on top for your target keywords.

  • Effective SEO Campaigns: A marketing campaign is successful when you increase your sales through that campaign. A Shopify SEO agency helps improve your website’s ranking and enhance your brand’s visibility. With a higher rank, you can attract higher organic traffic, which has the potential to convert into subsequent sales. Being a leading Shopify SEO agency in India, we help you with crafting campaigns that align the best with your marketing objectives and track results.

  • Getting High ROI: SEO is a low-cost channel of marketing, and with result-oriented marketing done by our Shopify SEO experts, we drive increased ROI for your business. Gradually, with the proper optimisation techniques, your rank on the search engines increases, leading to a net increase in the organic traffic on your website. Higher organic traffic ultimately results in higher lead and ROI generation.
How to optimise SEO for Shopify?

A lot of factors go into optimising your Shopify website to rank higher in the search engine result pages. Here are some of the best practices used for ranking your website in the search engine.

Top 10 Tips to enhance your SEO for Shopify:

  1. Optimise the structure of your website.
  2. Use Alt text for images.
  3. Make sure to have a high page speed.
  4. Do more research on your targeted keyword.
  5. Optimise your Title tags and URL links.
  6. Add a distinctive meta description.
  7. Enhance your user experience.
  8. Add an XML sitemap to your website.
  9. Remove duplicate content from your website.
  10. Start blogging on your website.