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We are a full stack SEO agency in India, delivering all that your business needs to be discovered, remembered, and entrusted by your potential customers on the web.

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Organic traffic boost is highly critical for a business to sustain and is equally challenging to achieve. Having done it for over 50+ leading brands, we understand what it takes to grow organic traffic at different stages of a business and have a clear internal system that JUST works!


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Increase in Search Visibility


Keywords Ranked #1


Increase in Search Visibility


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Monthly Planning & Reporting

Content Planning

Beginning with keyword research and competitor benchmarking, we plan content to increase topical authority relevant to your niche.

On-Page & Technical SEO

We perform a thorough on-page and technical SEO audit on your website and track down any potential growth opportunities.

Off-Page SEO

With a holistic approach, we build your website's authority via primary backlinks, guest posting, outreach-based link building and more.

Analytics & Reporting

We find new growth opportunities and understand the results of our work to double down on areas producing the most growth.

Real SEO Growth Wins.

Incredible experience. The team has done a stupendous job in making sure they give us the right solutions for our digital needs. On behalf of Indiacharts.com and Rohit Srivastava a big thank you to the entire team. We look forward to a long association with this company.
Chavan Krishna
Marketing Head, India Charts
Even in a short amount of time, we've seen major growth in our results! Right from improving our website authority to content plan to actually fixing the user journeys across all our funnels - these guys have taken our SEO campaign to the absolute next level. Organic growth is already visible.
Bhaktawar K
Founder, Inspirus education

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FAQs for SEO Services

Intent Farm has worked with industries from diverse sectors, including e-commerce, B2B, SaaS, Fintech, FMCG, Skincare and Fashion. We provide complete SEO optimization services for Shopify, WordPress, and Wix platforms.
Yes. We offer pan India location-based SEO services, primarily from Mumbai and Bangalore.
Yes. We provide SEO services for all the major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Yes, we do provide a free SEO audit for your website.
It is difficult for any SEO professional to offer a guarantee regarding the performance of the employed SEO strategies. However, Intent Farm makes it a point to closely track our efforts through reports and analytics and rewire the SEO strategy based on the results. We align our strategy to help you attain your business goals and assure you to get the best out of your presence on the web.
We use 100% White Hat SEO focusing on the long-term sustainable growth of your business.
We are content first, 100% white hat SEO marketers with a result-driven, holistic approach to search engine marketing. We provide customized SEO solutions based on end-to-end competitor analysis. Keeping user queries at the center of all plans, we leave no stone unturned in harnessing long-term sustainable growth for your business.
We deploy a mix of proprietary tools to efficiently handle various SEO aspects, including keyword research, backlink building, competitor mapping, conversion optimization, and the like.
It totally depends on your vision and hence the scope of work. You can reach out to us via this form to discuss more.

SEO doesn’t begin and end with search results – it’s about creating a connection that drives deeper user engagement.

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100+ leading businesses have accelerated their growth with Intent Farm.

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Full Suite SEO Services: Your Gateway To Increased Revenue

We deliver all that your business needs to be discovered, remembered, and entrusted by your potential customers on the web.

Search engine optimisation has been one of the most efficient strategies for businesses looking for the organic growth of their brand. Search engine optimisation has proven to drive more organic traffic, enhanced lead generation, and revenue growth. However, SEO is easier said than done. Being holistic SEO experts and growth marketers, we have dived deep into the ever-changing SEO landscape and know exactly what your business needs to stand out on the web. With effective free SEO audits and result-driven SEO services, we help you achieve visible growth in your organic traffic, lead generation, conversions, and revenue for your business. Our on-point search engine optimisation strategies ensure your brand’s enhanced visibility. As a search engine optimisation agency, we have expertise in various SEO services, making us one of the best SEO agencies in India.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation,’ and it refers to the process of improving your website’s rankings on the search engine result pages. To make your businesses flourish, you must attract traffic and be more visible on the internet. With SEO and its tools, you will get the chance to rank higher on the search engine results page and your leads to convert to customers. Your content must be SEO-friendly, as optimising content has become the need of the hour for all businesses, no matter how small or big, to sustain the ever-rising digital shift. Consulting an SEO agency has become the most pivotal and cost-effective way to expand the reach of your business to larger audiences, create long-term brand awareness, and boost revenue. Laser focus on expanding your business and optimising content is what makes us a distinguished SEO agency in India. 

Multiple strategies are used by SEO companies that help increase the relevancy and visibility of your content based on user queries. SEO agencies use a set of processes to identify and rank your content across millions of web pages across the internet. Without a firm, result-driven SEO strategy in place, it becomes difficult for your business to be found on the web, thus making you almost invisible to those searching for you, leading to a steep fall in acquiring leads and conversions. 

The primary elements of an SEO strategy include keyword research, on-page SEO services, off-page SEO services, link building, technical SEO, local SEO, competitor analysis, content creation, and management. As one of the best SEO agencies in India, we ensure growth by accurately incorporating these strategies.



What is an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency aids businesses in optimising their website for SEO to elevate their ranking on search engine result pages. An SEO agency helps generate leads and conversions via increased organic traffic on your website. It offers various SEO services, including keyword research, content mapping, competitor analysis and strategically planned SEO campaigns to enhance your chances of ranking on the first page of search engine results.

Being an SEO company, Intent Farm provides you with full-suite SEO services, right from content planning, technical SEO services, and regular reviews through SEO reporting and Google analytics.



    1. Content Planning: Quality, keyword-rich, and SEO-friendly content lie at the heart of an effective SEO strategy. Google crawlers work relentlessly to provide users with the best content by featuring it on top. What makes a piece of content great is its effectiveness in equipping your audience with information in the most engaging, simple, and appealing way. As an SEO company, we make sure to plan content that perfectly aligns with the needs of your target audience. Using effective SEO strategies, we help you find the existing content gap and bridge it to rank your website for the target keywords that your competitors are ranking. For example, As an SEO agency in India, we plan the content aligned for Indian audiences with different demographics, and help you get the best results.
    2. Technical/On-page SEO: On-page and technical SEO services comprise techniques used to optimise the elements of your website to boost its rankings. Our on-page SEO services enhance the crawl ability, making it easier for Google bots to understand your website and its context. On-page SEO services include optimising your website’s speed and security, removing dead links, featuring quality content, and making it easier for search engines to crawl your website. Our expert team ensures your website is technically fit to be found on the web. Being India’s leading SEO company, we strengthen your website in all terms, thus making it a gateway for increased exposure and conversions for your business.
    3. Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO services refer to the external tactics that help build your website’s credibility and authority. Off-page SEO services include guest-posting, outreach-based link building, citation building, content marketing, GMB for local businesses, etc. Anything that takes place outside of your website and still enhances the SEO of your website is Off-page SEO techniques. Off-page SEO optimisation is as important as on-page, and our SEO agency follows a holistic approach to building your website’s authority through off-page SEO strategies. These ‘behind the scene’ search engine optimisation techniques help your website gain a higher ranking and outperform your competitor’s websites.
    4. Analytics And Reporting: Search engine optimisation needs a lot of time and dedication until it starts yielding results. SEO reports, Google analytics reporting, and essential SEO metrics help us track the progress of your website. By providing detailed reports, we help you understand the results of the SEO strategies implemented for your website. This practice helps us to spot any drawbacks in the existing SEO strategies and fix them immediately to give you the best possible result.

Why do you need SEO?


    1. Enhance Brand Awareness And Credibility: An SEO-friendly website that is easily discoverable places your brand as genuine and credible in the eyes of your customers. An intuitive user experience, natural links, and optimised elements on the web pages give the user a positive impression of your brand. A website with higher authority, and authentic content, thus becomes the gateway for increased traffic and lead generation.
    2. Drive More Traffic To Your Website: Search engine optimisation boosts the ranking of your website in the SERPs. Result-oriented SEO approaches enhance your brand’s visibility, thus driving targeted, organic traffic to your website. This pure traffic from the search engines results in sustainable lead generation, which can further be nurtured with the help of effective SEO strategies.
    3. Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Audience: You can better understand your target audience through effective keyword and content mapping. Keyword research and content analysis facets of search engine optimisation help you know what your prospects are searching for. Being a content-first SEO agency in India, we enable you to bridge the keyword and content gap, which can help your business outrank your competitors and reach a more extensive consumer base.
    4. Increase The RoI: Increased organic traffic to your website ultimately results in conversions. Being present where your customers are searching for is the best way to garner quality leads with the highest conversion rate, eventually boosting your ROI. Besides, SEO is a growth strategy which comparatively needs lesser investments, but yields long-term, compounding returns and benefits.