7 Ways To Optimize Google's 'People Also Ask' Section to Boost Website Traffic

Ranking in Google's 'People Also Ask' Section helps boost your website's traffic. 'People also ask' is a section of the Google SERP that displays a list of relevant questions & answers to the one asked.

Conduct extensive keyword research for all category pages to discover inquiries that rank in the 'People Also Ask' area. Determine which elements impact each site's overall organic traffic and CTR.

Keyword Research


 Use Tools to Find Questions


Many tools can assist you in identifying which questions your competitors' websites rank for. Use keyword research tools, follow your competitors' keyword strategies, seek backlinking opportunities, and more.

Create Relevant Blogs


The 'People Also Ask' section ranks articles that answer frequently asked questions about the user inquiry. Ensure your blog contains answers & queries with relevant keywords and is SEO optimised.

Utilise the Magic of BERT Algorithms


BERT is an open-source natural language processing machine learning framework. Using the BERT algorithm allows Google to comprehend the context better and match it with relevant search queries.

Optimise the Content for SEO

Optimise the meta descriptions, title tags, and internal links. Making sure your content contains all the SEO aspects can help it appear in the 'People Also Ask box.


Use Jump Links

Internal jump links are a type of internal link that takes readers to a specific section of a website. They're great for page skimming because they allow users to explore extensive sites without having to scroll.


Use Schema Markup

Schema markup is a structured data vocabulary that helps search engines better understand your website's content and offers rich results. These markups assist in understanding the meaning & connections between elements on your site.


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