Google Introduces a New Search Technology

Google debuts new search technology available first in India, including bilingual search results and in-video search. This makes searching inclusive & convenient for Indians.


Following are the search features unveiled by the Google:

Google is making it possible to search within YouTube videos. This feature is added to save time and quickly find what you're looking for.

Search In Video


Google to make search results in India bilingual. Showing results in the user's local language alongside English results. This will first roll out in Hindi and later expand to other Indian languages.

Bilingual Search Results


Google is enhancing speech recognition technology for Hinglish speakers. Searchers in India can voice search using Hindi and English simultaneously.

Bilingual Voice Search


Google will allow users to conduct natural language searches in Google Pay. Users can now search on Google Pay using natural language  like "Grocery expenses last month."

Natural Language Search In Google Pay


Google to debut a new feature for Google Lens that translates doctors' handwriting into readable text.

Handwriting To Text Translation


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