Here are Ways To Optimize Your Website For Google’s People Also Ask Section

Keyword Research:

Detailed keyword research for all category pages help you discover questions that rank in the PAA section.

Tip 1

Use of Tools to Find Questions:

Tools such as SEMrush help you discover questions for which your competitor's websites rank.

Tip 2

Blog Creation:

Articles addressing commonly asked questions relevant to the user query are ranked in the PAA section.

Tip 3

The Magic of BERT Algorithm:

BERT algorithm helps Google better understand the context and match it with relevant search queries.

Tip 4

Optimise the Content for SEO:

Optimise the meta descriptions, title tags, and internal links.

Tip 5

Use of Jump Links:

Direct users to a particular piece of information and positively affect SEO via Jump Links.

Tip 6

Use of Schema Markup:

Incorporate the schema markup for FAQs to rank in the PAA section.

Tip 7

SEO of the future will be a lot about acing structured data on the SERP. Up to 40% traffic goes to structured data in certain SERPs.