What is ChatGPT?

A New AI Tool to Replace Human Jobs?

Elon Musk Co-founded Open AI has developed another AI Tool after Dall.E called as ChatGPT.

This ChatGPT is a 3rd Gen Language processing AI capable of generating human-like text with a variety of use cases. After the launch of ChatGPT, the marketers are worried will this AI steal their Jobs?

The answer, No! The ChatGPT is still a work in progress. As it still doesn’t match human writing. But it can be a tool that can advantage marketers.

Work Efficiency:

The ChatGPT can give you a product which can be further improved upon. This can be used for Blogs, listicles, articles, etc. And as it still requires a human to edit the material, it clears the air around AI stealing human jobs.

It's amazing how closely this AI can resemble actual human writing. Though it doesn’t gives a refined product, it gives something to start with.

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