New Features Of Performance Max Campaigns & Holiday Sales Promotion Tips From Google

You can predict how your campaign will perform and simulate what would happen if you change budget, ROAS, or CPA targets.

Consider how campaign adjustments may affect conversion value.

Performance Planner adjusts estimates for seasonal events so you can explore holiday options in the coming weeks.

Performance Max asset groups now allow 15 test headlines. Google can try more headlines to identify the best.

Google is introducing Performance Max campaign explanations for product feed-based online sales.

Performance Max campaigns for online sales may show product status and top sellers.

Data segments as audience signals in Performance Max ads help Google locate more potential converters.

Audience insights will soon include data segments. This lets you observe which customer lists convert better and learn from your data.

When operating a long-term sale, consider seasonality modifications.  Create targeted, budgeted efforts to boost product sales.

Make sure you utilise these best practices & new features to optimise your Performance Max campaigns.

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