Displaying or hiding the content from the search engines.

Yoast SEO plugin allows you to show or hide web pages on your website at your convenience.

Tip 01

Canonical link elements.

These links help Google trace back to the original content from the archives page.

Tip 02

Bulk title and description editor.

Yoast offers a bulk title and description editor where you can edit meta titles and descriptions for all your posts.

Tip 03

Integration of XML sitemap

Yoast SEO plugin automatically generates an XML sitemap for your WordPress website & submits it to Google.

Tip 04

Access to robots.txt files and .htaccess files.

Yoast SEO plugin has an in-built feature that allows easy access to robots.txt and .htaccess files.

Tip 05

Assistance with redirection.

Yoast gives you a redirection notification whenever you move, remove, or change content on your website.

Tip 06

Customised schema markup.

Structured data helps present additional information related to your product or website, & helps in boosting your SEO.

Tip 07


Breadcrumbs simplify the user’s and the search engine’s task of navigating through your website.

Tip 08

Readability analysis.

Yoast’s readability feature helps you optimise your content for SEO and is available in 19 different languages.

Tip 09

Facebook and Twitter page preview option.

You can get a preview of how your content would look when you post it on Facebook or Twitter using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Tip 10

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