Your Guide To Being Found, Indexed And Ranked By Google


Website Architecture

Your website architecture determines how easily Google bots can crawl through your website.


Robots.txt File

The robots.txt file comprises the instructions the bots need to crawl your website. Optimising these can direct the bots to essential pages on your site.


XML Sitemap

Including important website pages such as product and service pages in XML Sitemap helps Google bots to discover and crawl these pages effectively.


URL Structure

URLs are the pathfinders that take the Google bots from one page to the other on your website. Keep them clear and concise.



User-friendly, intuitive navigation guides the crawlers and users to hop from one webpage to the other easily.



Keyword-rich, quality content helps Google index your website as relevant and provides an overall boost to your website ranking.


Title And Meta Description

Using keyword-rich titles and meta descriptions for your web pages help Google to categorize your content and mark it as relevant.


Image Optimisation

Describing the content of your image through captions and alt tags helps Google understand the context of the image and index it.


Core Web Vitals

Google uses core web vitals to measure the responsiveness of your website and use it as a ranking metric.


Fix Broken Links

Error pages waste the crawl budget of the Google bots resulting in inefficient crawling of priority pages on your site.

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