Top 5 Technical SEO Elements You Need to Get Right in Order to Boost Your Ranking

Domain authority predicts the chance of your website ranking on top as compared to your competitors on a scale of 1 to 100. A higher DA score implies a higher authority of your website.

Domain Authority


Higher quality backlinks indicate the credibility of your content. More the number of quality backlinks, the higher the chances of your website ranking in the top search results.



Invalid markups and website codes that do not adhere with the web standards result in cross-compatibility issues and negatively affect your website’s SEO.

Valid Markup


It is crucial to find and fix 404 server errors and 301 redirect loops that hamper user experience of your website and ultimately affect your rank.

Server Errors


Broken links negatively affect user experience and and set outbound links to non-existing pages, thus creating a bad impression on Google bots.

Broken links


Consistent monitoring and site audits can help you spot and fix these technical SEO issues and enhance your SEO results.

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