Weekly Digital Roundup (28th November - 5th December)

Meta is bringing Instagram's age verification tool to Facebook Dating.


Elon Musk announced the publication of exclusive emails revealing some of the social media company's internal deliberations over a disputed decision made in 2020 before the US Presidential elections.


Google has purged thousands of YouTube channels in China, Russia and Brazil as part of its investigation into coordinated influence operations.


LinkedIn’s new rolled out feature called Focused Inbox,  helps users find and respond to important messages.


Google states that another helpful content update is beginning to appear in search results. It started on December 5 and will take up to two weeks to finish.


A Googler shared that links as a signal have less impact currently compared to when Google first started


Google is bringing two new metrics to GA4 properties that marketers can utilise when building custom reports.


Google’s John Mueller says that link disavowing random links flagged by tools is not a good use of time.


Google confirmed that there are no noindexed pages that will adversely impact a website's crawl budget.


Google confirmed that HTTP/3 doesn’t have a direct impact on SEO despite its faster performance, Google says.


Google brings continuous scrolling to desktop search results in the United States.


Google will soon introduce a new ad and account policy and suspension page specifically for Display and Video 360 users.


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